• FactsLesser known Facts About the Women in Blue

    15 Interesting Facts About the Women in Blue

    Women in Blue is the women’s cricket team that represents the Indian nation. The Indian Women’s Cricket Team was founded in 1976 and played their first test match series against West Indies. The team recorded its first-ever Test win against West Indies two years later, in November 1978, under the captaincy of Shantha Rangaswamy at the Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Patna.…

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  • Health and WellnessSports To Boost Your Stamina

    Top 15 Sports To Boost Your Stamina

    Stamina is the ability to hold long physical and mental efforts mainly while playing outdoor sports or running. The more stamina your body has, the more activities it can perform, with a lesser amount of energy used. So, it makes us capable of conserving energy and allows us to focus more on our work. There are many ways to increase…

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  • History

    The Funniest Sledging In Cricket: The Miandad-More Saga

    Kiran Shankar More is a former wicketkeeper of the Indian Cricket Team. His playing career spanned from 1984 to 1993. After his successful stint as a cricketer, he was the Chairman of the Selection Committee of the BCCI. He was not much involved in on-the-field spats, but one incident is etched in the minds of cricket-lovers – his ‘tu-tu, main-main’…

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  • Factsducks

    7 Different Types Of DUCKS In Cricket

    Getting dismissed for zero is always a humiliation for any batsman. Not only is it tagged as a duck, but to add to the humiliation, there are several classifications of ducks. Before we discuss all those types, let us understand the history of the Cricket Duck. The term “duck” is believed to have originated from the shape of the duck’s…

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  • Historyfirst international cricket match

    The First Ever International Cricket Match

    I have always thought about the oldest international rivalry in cricket. Like many of you, I believed it was England against Australia. In conclusion, I was drastically wrong. Maybe, using the word ‘rivalry’ would be incorrect. After all, cricket is a gentleman’s game that unites nations.The teams of United States (pun not intended) and Canada played the first-ever international cricket…

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