• Factsflipping a coin

    Caution! Is flipping a coin really 50-50?

    You shouldn’t be a mathematician or a Vegas card shark to realize that, when everything is equal, the likelihood of flipping a coin and speculating which side grounds up is 50-50.   In any case, what many people appear to overlook is that things are never equal. As a general rule, the chances of speculating heads or tails aren’t as…

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  • Factsoldest coins

    9 Rarest And Oldest Coins In The World

    As defined in the Webster Dictionary, a coin is a piece of metal that has been certified by a mark or marks upon it. As well as it has a definite exchange value and is issued by a certain governmental authority for use as money. Moreover, a coin is a flat, small, and round piece of metal, having a standardized…

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