5 Secrets to Wearing Formal Dress

Formal menswear can be intimidating. We’ve all seen men who look like they’re going to a funeral in suits that just don’t fit well. Or we’ve seen guys show up to weddings in shirts that don’t go well with their suits, or shoes that are too scuffed.

The first rule to buy formal dresses is to buy a pink formal dress in Australia, second, it should be fit and stylish.

If you abide by these rules, it’s not that hard to find some formal wear that’s right for you: 

1. Know your style

There are several different types of formal wear which include tuxedo, formal shirt, waistcoat, and bow tie. You can mix and match these different types of formal wear to create a look that is uniquely you. Don’t just stop with the basics, make sure to add accessories to really make your outfit stand out.

2. Get the right fit

Now that you’ve decided on your outfit, it’s time to get a good fit. The first thing you should do when trying on an outfit is measured yourself from the shoulders down. If you are unsure what size you need then ask someone who is familiar with men’s clothing sizes or take measurements of yourself in front of a mirror. Make sure the jacket fits comfortably around your shoulders and chest without being too tight or loose fitting. If you’re shopping for a suit, you should be able to button it easily and have a little bit of room in the chest. Your shirt sleeves should end just below where your suit sleeves start (without too much of your cuff showing). If your dress shirt is too tight or too loose, the look is totally ruined. As far as pants go, they should break at the top of your shoe on the front and back — no shorter and no longer.

3. Be confident

Being confident in what you’re wearing will help you feel comfortable in any situation whether it’s at work or out on the town with friends. It may seem like common sense but being conscious of how others perceive us can be difficult when we’re dressed up for special occasions like parties and dates!

4. Bring any accessories you plan to wear with your outfit

Some people take a minimalist approach to formal dresses, but if you’re going to a gala or other formal event, it’s likely that the venue will require a bit more than just a sparkly dress. Bring along any necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tiaras, combs or headpieces that you plan on wearing with the dress. This is especially important if your hair needs to be arranged around the piece for it to fit correctly. It also helps to bring along any shawls, wraps or jackets that go along with the dress.

5. Wear appropriate undergarments

This one may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting. You don’t want to be halfway through getting dressed only to realize that your undergarments don’t work with the dress. When in doubt, go for seamless — there’s nothing worse than visible panty lines under a sleek formal gown! Try on all of your undergarments along with the gown and make sure they work together seamlessly.

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