• FactsDespicable To Admirable: Ellen DeGeneres

    Despicable To Admirable: Ellen DeGeneres

    In a world full of hidden flaws, being your true self is as difficult as ever. One of the women, who stand out on the stage is Ellen DeGeneres. With a life filled with rock bottoms, each lower than the previous, Ellen made her way up. It’s not only inspirational but motivational too, to the LGBTQ+ community who still face…

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  • FactsSibling Rivalry: DOs And DON'Ts To Avoid One

    Sibling Rivalry: DOs And DON’Ts To Avoid One

    Cain and Abel – these are well-known names in the biblical book of Genesis. Since childhood itself, there was a sense of resentment and jealousy between these two sons of Eve. Cain was so full of envy for Abel that he killed Abel and thus gave rise to the first murderer on earth. This incident from the Bible clearly illustrates the…

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  • FactsHow Did Disney Princesses Shape Our Childhood?

    How Did Disney Princesses Shape Our Childhood?

    There’s a reason why your sister wants to become one of the Disney princesses. Anyone who has seen these movies has imagined themselves as their favorite Disney princesses. All of us at some point have been obsessed with them, acted them out, and loved having anything with their faces on. We have adored them to bits. As much as we…

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  • Factscartoon characters

    Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Characters Original Names

    Via Source: Know Your Meme As a 90’s kids, you probably grew up watching Mickey, Tweety and, Tom and Jerry. But had other decisions been made, your childhood memories would have been filled with Mortimer, Orson and, Jasper and Jinx.  Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Characters Original Names 1. Tweety Bird was Olsen via In 1942, Tweety Bird was a…

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  • Facts

    Interesting Facts About Archie Comics That Will Shock You

    Archie Comics Facts Archie comics series was the most famous source of inspiration for 90’s kids. The comic is the most popular humor, action-adventure, and blockbuster entertainment. It’s superhero characters includes – Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Kevin Keller, Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and many more. Archie was our savior during our childhood days. He was…

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