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  • Self CareBenefits of Turmeric You Should Know

    14 Benefits of Turmeric You Should Know

    Turmeric/Haldi is a widespread and popular spice used excessively in many Indian households. It is a bright yellow spice used in various dishes. Indians have used this miracle spice in their families and Ayurveda for thousands of years.  The spice is famously known for its medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and a high source of antioxidants. 14 Benefits of Turmeric You…

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  • Facts6 Health Benefits Of Eating Watermelons Everyone Should Be Aware Of

    6 Health Benefits Of Eating Watermelons

    Health is important, and if you aren’t healthy, there is no way you can enjoy your life.  It’s suggested to have an active lifestyle, but your diet should be perfect by all the possible means to have a healthy body.  Fruits and vegetable intake should be increased in daily intake. Make sure you eat fruits that are rich in fibre…

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