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  • FactsThe Science Behind Cravings and how they Affect us

    The Science Behind Cravings And How They Affect Us

    Doesn’t everyone have that sudden urge of eating a particular food item? Or you say you’re hungry for something special, yes, everyone does. It is said that 30% of men don’t have food cravings at all. Women have them more frequently than men do and it is mostly for sweet food. Food cravings are culturally specific, hence, different people have…

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  • Health and Wellnesswoman wearing Santa Claus mask

    8 Ways To Bounce Back After a Holiday Indulgence

    Maybe you have the discipline to resist sweets and heavy food throughout the year, but the holiday season is the time when even the strongest of us give in to the urge to eat whatever is on the table. It’s that time of the year when everybody is indulging themselves in all those cookies, dressings, cakes, hot chocolate, and wine.…

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