• Socotra Island: Alien Territory On Earth

    What if I told you that this place on Earth seems to come straight from a Hollywood sci-fi movie? The jewel of biodiversity, Socotra island, is a part of an archipelago in the Arabian Ocean. After Yemen’s unification in the year 1990, this alien-looking island became a part of the Republic of Yemen. Standing isolated since the dawn of existence,…

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  • Health and Wellnessrarest mental disorders

    Rarest Mental Disorders From Around The World To Make You Shiver

    Are you normal? It might seem like an easy question, but our brain is a complex organ. Human beings are yet to understand its full potential. Our grip on reality can be thinner and more unsubstantiated than you think. This should come as no surprise, since everything that a person is—their hopes, memories, and conditioned responses—are all contained by the…

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  • Factsunearthly places

    Unearthly Places That’ll Make You Believe They Are from Mars

    Unearthly Places Isn’t it boring, to stay on the same planet for a whole long life! If given a chance, every one of you will be eager to visit some other planet. Planet Mars is gaining popularity due to the growing interest of scientists. But, if you want to visit Mars, then there is no need to board a rocket…

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