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    Aghori The Unsung believers of Lord Shiva

    What strikes you when you hear the word ‘aghori’ ? Few might think, ‘ huh what’s that’? And few who actually have a clue, might think why aghori now? First let me just brief you a bit little about them, so that you can get a clear image. via: Aghori – They are ascetic Shiva sadhus. The Aghori engage…

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    Aghoris the Darker Shade Of Indian Society

    They live on Hindu cremation grounds, eat the left-out flesh of the human dead body, wear ash, and drink in a bowl made up of human skull. Yes, we are talking about the most revered and dreadful cult of Indian society; the followers of Lord Shiva – The Aghoris. The Aghoris And Their Origin Source: Daily Mail Once you go…

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