Some Spine-Chilling Secrets That The Internet Doesn’t Want You To Know

Imagine you are the Titanic, we’re about to crash an iceberg! Just that we won’t shiver because of the cold but because of the spine-chilling secrets of the internet.

The Internet is probably the busiest beehive in the world – the activity this very second would be approximately 55000 Google searches, 7000 tweets, and more than 2 million emails. The World Wide Web hosts around one billion websites which we reach with a simple click. But do you know all that we’ve been seeing is just 4% of the internet?


Beneath the surface web lies the deep and dark web- the place which hides the secrets of the internet. Here are the basics of the internet iceberg:

Surface Web

The surface web is what you are accessing right now- this blog, Google, Twitter, YouTube and all the regular sites. Information can be accessed through common browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Deep Web

The Deep Web is 500 times larger than the Surface Web! Results from the deep web do not pop up in your Google Search, but we all access the deep web regularly as all our cloud storage (Google Drive or iCloud).

The deep web also includes private documents and password protected pages- which means your Facebook and Netflix Account pages are actually part of the Deep Web! All the database of the police, government agencies, and investigation bureaus are hidden in the deep web.

Dark Web

Now the last layer of the internet, the dark web, is dangerous and well, messed up. It’s the web of all illegal activities punishable as crimes, some heinous. The Dark Web is not accessible by our common browsers and requires the TOR browser for access. The sale happens through cryptocurrency or bitcoins- electronic cash.

The Dark Web is home to some of the most illegal and creepy activities across the globe. From fake Ids, fake college degrees, hackers and match fixing to extreme activities like stolen credit cards and illegal porn, the dark web is a layer of the internet that hosts these activities on a large scale.

Hitmen, thieves and burglars, arms and weapons, government secrets, every drug in the world and even human experimentation can be accessed on the Dark Web! It is also been found that the Deep Web allows a person to buy child spirits from abortions and miscarriages (What?!?!)


Clearly, there have been cases of the Dark Web getting out of hand as Dark Web sells private and illegal information.

But it’s also necessary as places of anonymity have to be encouraged for creative freedom and expression. Well, this is definitely a case of ‘between the iceberg devil and the deep sea’!

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