Why Combat Sports Are So Popular Today

Ask any teenager if they watch UFC and you’ll be surprised to learn they are into MMA, while boxing is also enjoying a revival, as are other martial arts such as karate and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Boxing used to be an old man’s sport, in terms of spectators, while women were not interested in the slightest in watching a couple of guys hitting each other inside a ring. Something happened and women’s boxing took off; stars like Katie Taylor ignited the passion of the younger generations and we now have all-female cards, which is an amazing achievement.

Parental support

Most UK parents are terrified that their offspring might be attacked while out and about and let’s face it, mindless violence is widespread here in the UK; the obvious solution is to introduce your kids to combat sports to learn self-defence skills. This is a major reason why there are boxing and MMA gyms everywhere, as the demand is high, with mainly teenagers who are interested in the sport for a variety of reasons. Some compete and a few go on to become professional fighters, while the majority train for fitness and self-defence techniques that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Local gyms

Whether you are looking for boxing in Reading or Maidenhead, there are gyms that are run by ex-pro fighters. If you would like to learn more about boxing training, pay your local gym a visit in the early evening and you’ll find people going through training routines. The staff are a friendly bunch and always happy to let you join a class to see if boxing is for you. You will meet like-minded people from all walks of life who, for one reason or another, wish to learn the art of boxing.

The rise of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts exploded onto the world stage about 10 years ago, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began screening MMA cards and the rest is history. Teenagers see superstars like Conor McGregor and dream to achieve the same heights of success; of course, the road to becoming a pro-MMA fighter is a long and gruelling one, yet the majority of people that train in MMA do it for the fitness and self-defence skills that come with the territory. If you run a gym, here are a few management tips.

Live sporting events

Whether boxing or MMA, young people are exposed to combat sports and with the support of their parents, many decide to try it out. The boxing scene is vibrant at the moment and the age of viewers is coming down, while MMA is growing in popularity.

Learning the art of self-defence

It only takes being in the wrong place at the wrong time to put you in physical danger; learning how to block kicks and punches makes total sense, which is one of the reasons people take up combat sport training. 

Of course, someone who trains for fitness isn’t going to push themself like they want to compete, so there are different levels and you can find out more by visiting your local boxing/MMA gym.


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