Guide to Living a Healthy Lifestyle at an Old Age

If you want to have happy, stress-free and healthy senior years, you must follow a healthy lifestyle. Even if you start taking better care of yourself at an old age, you can still prolong your life and ensure smoother retirement! So, what you can do to be a healthy senior? Take a look!

1. See your doctor

One of the most important things, as we age, is having regular checkups with your doctor. Many people skip appointments because they are scared of what the doctor will find, but that’s completely wrong! Find a good GP, have regular visits, and together you will catch any disease early in its development. Get any necessary meds they prescribe you to treat your body and root out potential diseases before they get serious.  

And, don’t get too hung up on one doctor. If they don’t fit your standards or if they don’t pay enough attention to their patients, there are always other medical workers who might be right for you.

2. Get moving

Possibly the number one habit that can prolong your life is regular exercise. Even if you don’t start exercising until you’re older, it will still contribute to your longevity! But, staying active will not only add years to your life, it will also make those extra years full of happiness, mobility, and vitality! Regular exercise will keep your muscles strong, your body agile and flexible and even help keep injuries and chronic pain at bay! It also does wonders for your mental health by preventing memory loss, dementia and battling anxiety and depression. But, before you start any exercise program, make sure to check with your doctor and see if you have any health conditions that might affect your workouts.

3. Control your diet

As you get older, you might notice your attitude towards food is changing. With years, human metabolism slows down, we lose appetite thanks to slower digestion and we can even experience changes in taste and smell. However, healthy eating at old age is more important than ever if you want to maintain your health, strength and energy levels!

Try to keep away from sugary and refined foods and drinks and load up on high-fibre fruits, veggies, and whole grains instead. These will provide you with sufficient nutrients, help maintain a healthy weight and keep your feeling energetic and comfortable!

4. Find help

If you live alone, maintaining healthy habits can be quite tricky, especially as your mobility declines. However, don’t be too proud to ask for assistance if you need it! Today, you can find amazing support through various platforms and centers. For instance, check out aged care support services, that allow you to get connected with experienced local caregivers and assistants that offer tailored support just for you!

Depending on what kind of help you need, you can find a support worker specializing in domestic assistance, personal care, work and study, nursing and even social support. This means you can maintain your healthy habits, receive help with cooking, shopping and exercise and have pleasant company while staying safe and cozy at your own home!

5. Stay friendly

No matter how much you want to become an old, secluded soul, fight the instinct by spending time with positive people. There must be someone in your life who is always keeping active and feeling upbeat. It can be a neighbour who likes to go on long walks, an old friend you can take to lunch, your children who can take you shopping or your grandkids who love to run around and play. Even if your family and friends live far away, you can still stay in touch by calling or emailing.

You can even learn to handle social media and make Skype calls (it’s easier than it looks!) Social media are a great tool for keeping up with relevant things and meeting new people. Who knows, you might even find a love interest if you’re single!

6. Find joy in hobbies

Now that you’re retired and have all that time on your disposal, try to tackle a hobby that will keep your occupied and return passion to your life. You can revisit your childhood hobbies or try something completely new! For instance, taking up painting or playing an instrument has various benefits on overall health, and if you’re good, you can even earn a few extra dollars on the side!

7. Give back to your community

Finding a cause that’s important for you and volunteering your time can give your life meaning and purpose if you ever feel lost. Community work can help you utilize your skills and share your life experience without the long-term commitment of employment. Even if you’re having mobility issues, you can still help by working on hotlines! All in all, helping others is one of the noblest ways to help yourself!

8. Get plenty of sleep

Even though many seniors suffer from sleep issues, that doesn’t mean you must, too! Try to develop healthy sleeping habits like keeping your bedroom quiet and airy, staying away from electronics before bed and getting enough activity during the day. You can also treat yourself to a hot bath and beverage before you hit the hay that will definitely help you unwind and get plenty of quality sleep!

Getting older doesn’t mean your life is over! If you take care of your health, stay active and maintain a healthy social life, your senior years can be the best time of your life!

Stella Van Lane

Stella van Lane is a home design consultant based in Sydney. She spends her free time blogging. Stella is in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design. She enjoys helping other people by sharing her experience and knowledge.

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