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7 Tips to Make Your Kids Bedtime Easy?

Getting your kid to sleep may be one of the hardest things you have to go through every night. Nevertheless, you understand that getting enough sleep is vital for your kid’s growth and health. It is hard to control a child’s emotions when they have not gotten enough sleep. Children get irritable and develop various behavior problems. What do you do when your child will not stay in bed? How do you ensure they are getting enough sleep? You have the responsibility of ensuring your kid gets to bed early and is sleeping the right way. Here are tips to help you out.

7 Tips to Make Your Kids Bedtime Easy?

1. Dressing

The way you dress your child for bed plays a huge role in the way they sleep and the kind of sleep they get. It is crucial to ensure you dress your kid well for the night. Choose the best pajamas to ensure your child is comfortable all night. Remember, small children kick off the covers during the night. So, if you live in a cold area, dressing them warmly will help. 

2. Sleeping Environment

The environment you create for your child also plays a vital role. Make sure the room is dark and quiet. Some children are afraid to sleep in a dark room. So, if yours is in this category, try choosing a dimmer light for them. Otherwise, you can leave the light on the hall and the door open. However, ensure the light is not shining on them directly.

3. Routine

The routine you create for your child matters too. If kids love it, they will do it. A consistent sleeping routine can help address sleep issues with your child. Try finding out what your kid loves and use it to signal that it is time to sleep. You can try things like wearing PJs, brushing teeth, washing up, or drinking water. You can read a storybook to them or talk about how their day at school was. Try as much as possible to stick to the routine you choose. Eventually, your kid will get used.

4. Dealing with Sleeping Difficulties

You want your kid to sleep well, right? You, therefore, need to address the issues that deny them some good sleep. Do they have trouble sleeping? Do they snore? Is their breathing heavy, or do they keep waking up at night? Try finding out what the problem is and get a solution. You can also talk with your pediatrician to know the issue and the possible solution.

5. Make It a Priority

Your kid will probably imitate what you do. If you like staying up till late watching a movie, the child may want to do the same. Try setting a sleeping time for the whole family and stick to it regardless. You will know if the child is getting enough sleep if they fall asleep the moment they get to bed or can’t take a nap during the day. Talking of daytime naps…

6. Avoid Long Naps During the Day

Your kid has trouble sleeping because they probably slept enough during the day. A short nap is important during the day, but don’t make it too long. Make sure that the nap does not exceed 1 hour. A short nap gives the child some time to rest and ensure they have enough time to be awake. This way, your kid will be sleepy enough if you have to put her to bed by eight.

7. Keep Away from Electronics Before Bedtime

Exposing your child to too much screen light can affect how they fall asleep. The light signals the brain that it is not yet time to sleep, and your child will stay awake all the time. Try as much as possible to take away electronics three hours before bedtime. It will give the body enough time to adjust and get ready to sleep. 

Bonus Point!

Your kid may ask for a good night kiss or a glass of water before you leave. Try your best to give them what they want as long as it is not interfering with the routine. However, let the kid know that once you do them the favor, they have to stay in bed. These are simple things that will help you help make your child’s bedtime easy.


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