zoya Hussain

I am a mass communication student of GGSIP Univerity. I love to explore something new and further pass it on to others through my writing. I've a huge interest towards Travel & Fashion related stuffs.
  • We Have Been Pronouncing “UFO” Wrong This Whole Time!

    We all may be having different takes about UFOs, but we have one thing common between us and that is its pronunciation. Now comes the shocker according to Edward J. Ruppelt, the guy who popularized this word, we all have been saying it all the time wrong. Read Also – Who Were The Green Children Of Woolpit: An Unsolved Mystery Edward…

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  • FactsEducating Children From The Back Of A Donkey

    Educating Children From The Back Of A Donkey

    DO YOU KNOW A HERO?  https://in.pinterest.com/pin/530932243548871121/?lp=true To the unaccustomed eye, a man toting 120 books while riding a stubborn donkey would seem nothing short of a circus spectacle. But for hundreds of children in the rural villages of Colombia, Luis Soriano is far from a clown. He was an unemployed Spanish teacher in rural La Gloria Colombia Concerned that his students had…

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  • Facts

    Snoring Museum: Is A Cure For Snoring Finally Getting Closer?

    THE SNORING MUSEUM, If you’re still not convinced that museums can be places full of magic and wonders, this is one place meant for you. It is one of the oldest self-help groups for Sleep Apnea, The Alfelder Schlafapnoe Gesellschaft. The Alfeld town dedicated a museum of snoring and its preventive methods. image credits – tripfreakz A PEEK INTO THE…

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