We Have Been Pronouncing “UFO” Wrong This Whole Time!

it's safe to say:we know how to pronounce UFO.Psyche! take it from the guy who popularized the term

We all may be having different takes about UFOs, but we have one thing common between us and that is its pronunciation. Now comes the shocker according to Edward J. Ruppelt, the guy who popularized this word, we all have been saying it all the time wrong.

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Edward J. Ruppelt was a U.S. Air Force officer, who is popularly known for his involvement in the Project Blue Book, it was an initiative by the formal government to investigate the unidentified flying objects in the sky. But before this name was popularized these otherworldly sky flying objects were also been called “flying disks”, “flying saucers” and even sometimes “flying flapjack”.

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The actual pronunciation is YOO-FOE

In 1956 his book “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,” brought this word to the limelight and it became popular among the masses. The term ‘flying saucer’ was a little misleading and the military preferred the name: Unidentified Flying Objects (YOO-FOE).
According to Ruppelt, the thought of the UFO was an acronym.
An initialism is a term where each letter has to be pronounced separately (CBI, BCCI) and on the other hand, an acronym is when a phrase is shortened to be pronounced phonetically as one word (NASA).
It feels a little awkward when we come to know that a word which we used to pronounce confidently was actually a wrong pronunciation this whole time. But, it’s still up to us how we pronounce it but just keep in mind that the right pronunciation is YOO-FOE in case you want to correct others or others want to be corrected.

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