The Origin Of Sarcasm Was From The Vikings, Really?

The origin of Sarcasm is the greatest creativity, a verbal hit at someone, a rhetorical verse, a witty humor, an aural irony,  a pleasant mockery, a human brain’s bread-n-butter. Most of it all we are impressed.

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Where did the word come from?

Sarcasm originated from a Greek word (why Greek: because lingua franca) sarkasmós, which initially means to tear flesh, bite the lip in rage or sneer. All these words rule the violent enigma of physical strength. Though, The origin of  sarcasm was from Greek language to finally Latin language.

In 16th century Latin language gave the word SARCASM and saved us all from the tongue twisters.

Let’s go through some of the most questioned things about the origin of sarcasm and its other factors on Google. Because why not!


To give a sarcastic comment one has to be creative, the social cognition develops a vibe of mere humorous interaction if the two ends of the conversation are witty enough to use full of their heads and appreciate the level of humor without getting offended. A witty conversation leads to a better understanding of one’s intelligence. Also, sarcasm can be both demotivating or motivating, depends on the giver and the receiving end.


There is, literature has given us words like swagger and we still question its coolness. (The literary device is a technique a writer uses to produce a special effect in their writing.)

Sarcasm is a form of verbal irony that mocks, ridicules, or expresses contempt. It’s really more a tone of voice (verbal or oral conversation) than a rhetorical device. This means that you’re saying the opposite of what you mean (verbal irony) and doing it in a particularly hostile tone, to make it look realistic.

Example: say this “you’re so smart” and roll your eyes.


Sarcasm is a LOW form of wit, as it tends to bring out humor on the expenses of others or rather on others, one wouldn’t want to call it the LOWEST form of wit.

WIT is the keen intelligence of how easily and rapidly one catches the zest of the comment. The origin of sarcasm was to tear the flesh through wit and humor, and through the verbal creativity. though sarcasm today is used mostly to tone down someone or to thrash someone which was not really the epitome of the word in the first place.


The Vikings were the real origin of sarcasm

The Danish Ambassador, very cunningly admired that sarcasm was actually brought to the UK by the Vikings.(The Vikings were seafaring Scandinavians engaged in exploring, raiding and trading in waters and lands outside of Scandinavia, from the eighth to eleventh centuries).

The British language has a straight-to-your-face tone which is the use of understatement and satire and that is thought to have originated from the Vikings.


When they brought trade from across the world to British shores.

The Vikings influenced the Britishers with the words and expressions they used. These words and expressions eventually became a part of their everyday language, also to be seen in some of the words and place’s names we use today, and ultimately in OUR caustic sense of humor.

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