This Wonderful Park In Austria Disappears In Spring!

This park in Austria is like any other normal park almost throughout the year, but something strange happens to it in the spring season. Located in The Valley of Alps, Austria, this park submerges in water during the spring season when the glaciers melt and flood the green lake near the park. The beauty of the park is enhanced due to this phenomenon and visitors from across the world come here to dive in the park!

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This park is a diver’s delight as a park completely surrounded by the aquatic environment is a rare sight to see! The benches, trees, bridges, and stone pavements all get submerged under water and they look even more beautiful this way. Divers who can withstand the temperature of the water i.e. 4-5 degree Celsius enjoy the view of the park underwater.

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The park is submerged in crystal clear water and everything is visible so clearly and is a treat to the eyes! Photographers definitely love this place for obvious reasons. Many photographers are attracted to this site every year to click beautiful pictures of this underwater park.

The park is submerged in 12 meters of water and the area covered by the lake becomes 4000 sq. meters from 2000 sq. meters. The Green Lake is flooded by the melting of glaciers from the nearby Karst Mountains.

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The Sun rays penetrating into the water undergo scattering and beautify the underwater park to another level! It seems like a magical world to the people who have been lucky enough to get the chance to dive in this wonderful park! The park stays underwater for about a month.

Amazing, right? I still wonder how many surprises have nature saved for us to cherish and feel good! The world is indeed a beautiful place with lots and lots of lovely surprises in it!

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