All You Need To Know About This Human Library

Library, from ancient times, is a synonym for treasure trove. My mind boggles on imagining the enormous amount of information, facts, theories, stories. That is embedded in the numerous and diverse collection of books in the shelves there.

The quiet atmosphere, and that ‘old smell of books’ never fail to attract the avid readers. Love stories have started here, from love at first sight, to finally falling for the one you never thought of, with the books, apparently.

Libraries are those stars that never dim their light even on the darkest nights. Because of the concept- the concept of lighting the world by sharing a priceless universe of knowledge. Libraries have transformed, even cafes and offices now tend to build a little library for the employees and readers, he also adds to a marketing strategy. The last transformation that you would have probably heard about is the online library? But here’s something that adds an extra edge to it- why not gather people instead of books? So technically call it living books?

This is actual transformation-THE HUMAN LIBRARY.  Sounds interesting?

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human library people replace books

In a human library, people replace books

Yes, you hear it right! While nonliving things are overtaking the tasks of humans successfully, time to see the parallel universe.

The concept of a Human Library was developed in Copenhagen by Ronni Abergel in 2000. So you lend and loan books? Here, you get a chance to borrow people for some time and have an opportunity chat with them. All your strange, confusing and unacceptable questions that are haunting your mind after reading a book are acceptable here. If you visit, you can either be the reader or the living book and contribute to the library by your experiences.

These local stories by the victims or the heroes, the poets or the authors, themselves leave a significant imprint on the brains, this boosts up and motivates people to help to make this society a better place to live. It gives ease of access to information for the nonreaders as well who never went drooling on seeing the new set of books piled up. It’s time to break prejudices by borrowing such influential people.

human library concept


So you are a bookworm or not, get ready to meet the think-tanks. Listen to all the action behind all your favorite books or stories, LIVE in any these human libraries across the globe!

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