• FactsAgarbathies

    5 Important Things To Know Agarbathies

    When we hear the name incense, the first thing that comes to our mind is incense stick or ‘Agarbathies’ associated with the country name, ‘India’. If you don’t know, India is the leading brand compared to other countries in incense production and is also an essential exporter for other countries. The incense sticks have been burnt throughout India for years…

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  • FashionThe Dangers Of Using Products With Chemicals For Personal Hygiene

    7 Dangers Ingredients Used in Personal care products

    Women these days are obsessed with using skincare and hair products. Social media is flooded with celebrities and influencers sharing their skincare routine and hair care products they are accustomed to using. From refreshing morning routine to daylight creams, from evening glam tonight care routine, every single part of the day is pushed to be accessorized with a bunch of…

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  • Facts

    Facts About Perfumes That Will Blow Your Mind

    Perfumes have now become a necessity in the monthly shopping list. And all we know about it is just this, that it makes us smell quite nice. Though,  just like any other thing, fragrances are too a storehouse of some fascinating facts which may leave us astonished The Art of creating a perfume has been originated by Egyptians but that’s…

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