7 Eco-Friendly Habits To Be Included In Daily Routine

Over the past few years, nature is experiencing drastic changes due to its misuse by humans. The use of plastic and the emission of greenhouse gases have increased significantly over the past decade. This has led to the release of toxic chemicals in the environment that are damaging it slowly. If humanity wants to survive on this planet, then stringent steps should be taken immediately to protect the environment.

Else climate change will become irreversible and our future generations will suffer. As it’s said, ‘Change starts at home, by making small changes in our lifestyle, we all can contribute towards saving the environment. You might now be thinking, what amends can you make in your lifestyle and actions to make this happen? Let’s look at some of the eco-friendly habits which will help you in switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

7 Eco-Friendly Habits To Be Included In Daily Routine

1. Use Water Wisely

Use Water Wisely
Source: Ars Technica

Water is critical for the survival of life on this planet. The human body needs a lot of water to carry out essential functions like keeping cells alive and balancing the internal temperature. Without water, the human body can survive for max 3 days. Thus, the optimal use of water is important. You can take simple steps like replacing leaky taps and showerheads, closing the faucet while brushing, etc. to optimize water usage in your household. If implemented, these actions can save 2900 gallons of water per household.

2. Save Electricity

Save Electricity
Source: Electricity Plans

A lot of carbon emissions happen in producing electricity. So, optimizing electricity usage in your house has a direct impact on carbon emissions. Taking simple steps like switching out electrical devices, not in use, installing power-efficient lighting, etc. should help you in reducing electricity usage in your house. This will not only reduce the carbon footprint of your household but also save you money on electricity bills.

3. Recycle And Reuse

Recycle And Reuse
Source: Pinterest

It is natural that your household will be generating waste. Decomposing reusable items is easy and has less impact on the environment. So, eliminate the use of plastic items from your house to contribute to this cause. Switching to jute bags and reducing the use of disposable cups should get you started in eliminating the extensive use of plastic. You can also buy a small compost machine to recycle biodegradable waste to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

4. Use Of Public Transport

Use Of Public Transport
Source: Active.com

Petroleum products are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Taking public transport or walking or cycling to your workplace is one of the easiest ways of reducing the emission of harmful gases in the environment. You will save a significant amount of money in commuting and cycling is beneficial for your health as well. If you still wish to drive, you can buy an electric vehicle for yourself.

5. Eco-friendly Food Choices

Eco-friendly Food Choices
Source: RecycleNation

Consumption of organic and eco-friendly food items helps in reducing food wastage. Lesser the waste lower would be the carbon footprint. The food waste can be easily composted with a small setup in your home. If you are a coffee lover, you can start using biodegradable coffee pods to reduce food waste. Making coffee with pods is instant, plus you can carry them wherever you are traveling to.  

6. Buy Local Produce

Buy Local Produce
Source: RecycleNation

A lot of energy goes into processing the food items before it reaches a grocery store near your house. The pre-packaged food items are the ones that need a lot of processing before being transported. If you buy local produce, you get a variety of fresh and natural food products. There is less processing involved and you would also be contributing to the local economy by buying those items.

7. Donate Or Sell Unused Items

Donate Or Sell Unused Items
Source: Money Crashers

There would be a lot of items in your house that would be of no use to you anymore. If those items are in good condition, then consider donating them to orphanages or thrift stores. You can also sell them on different online portals to earn some extra bucks. Throwing away these items would cause a lot of wastage and a burden on waste management teams.

It’s high time that we take stringent steps to save the environment to live happily on this planet. By making these subtle changes in your lifestyle, you would be able to practice a sustainable lifestyle. As you become a responsible citizen, you will start feeling positive and your perspective of life will change for the better.

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