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    Have you ever wondered how Champagne is made?

    Here is a quick short journey– how grapes make their way from vineyard to bottle and finally in your glass– the process starts with Harvesting, fermentation, blending, ageing, riddling, disgorgement and corking, all while learning about the grapes, soils and regions from the Champagne region of France. 1. Plantation of grapes It all begins with the grapes. In Champagne, the traditional…

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    Hidden Treasure in Germany Moselle Valley’s Vineyards

    Vineyards are among popular vacation destinations, be it with friends or families. The lush landscapes and poetic beauty all around make it the perfect place to forget all your woes. At Germany’s hidden delight, Moselle Valley, you will find scenic views around while sipping on some delicious German wine? While Tuscany and Bordeaux are famous vineyards world over, Moselle remains…

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