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    Kinds of Stuff You Can Legally Do In These 5 Nations!

    Of course, life turns out to be restrictive at times. Certainly, we have the liberty to seek peace and comfort simply within the speculations. When your pleasure legally challenges you to ride naked being tripped on LSD, then all that freedom begins to shrivel up. It is fortunate to have 196 nations with their own set of values and laws. In…

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    Why Does The UK Print It’s Laws On Calf Skin?

    For more than 800 years, the United Kingdom has been printing its laws on vellum. But what is vellum? It is made from calf-skin. Vellum is made by first soaking calf-skin in a lime wash. This causes the hair follicles to expand, making it easier to scrape the fat and the fur from the skin. The scraping is done with…

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    Brighton Royal Pavilion: A Hospital That Nursed Over 43,000 War Soldiers!

    Whenever we talk about the First World War, many countries make their way on our minds and tongues. They are Germany, Italy, Austria- Hungary, France, Russia, The Ottoman Empire, The UK and the US. Brighton Royal Pavilion: A Hospital for the Indian War Soldiers However, there is one country that repeatedly fails to make the list. And that country is…

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