• FactsHornbill Festival Pride Of Nagaland

    The Hornbill Festival Pride Of Nagaland

    In the entire world, our country, India, holds a different and unique position because people belong to diverse cultures that live in harmony. The northern part of India is totally different from the south, just like the west is totally different from the east. Northeast India is very different from other parts of India. It is a mélange of different…

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  • TravelTourist Spots In Northeast India

    10 Incredible Tourist Spots In Northeast India

    Northeast India has always been a hidden gem of the country. Compared to the more popular tourist spots in the country, the northeast has not been yet explored to its maximum beauty. And thus, many tourists miss out on some incredible tourist spots in Northeast India while exploring the country. A region of multiculturalism and diverse flora & fauna, the…

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  • Facts

    Do You Know Women Marry 10-Year-Olds In This Village?

    via Pinterest Much controversy surrounded the Indian soap opera ‘Pehredar Piya Ki’. The show portrayed a 10-year-old married to an adult girl. The show finally went off air following a ban petition. The show promoted child marriage, glorified objectification of women by a kid according to petitioners. However, do you know that in the breathtaking beauty of flower-laden mountains, live women…

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