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  • TravelFamous Monuments With Interesting History

    14 Famous Monuments With Interesting History

    The world is large and complex. Many organisms here have made and discovered impossible things under challenging circumstances, especially in ancient times. Despite its limited resources and technology, the ancient world gifted us fascinating and beautiful pieces of art that are the monuments we cherish today. Most of the monuments were built with supreme quality, and the purpose and mystery behind them leave people baffled…

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  • FactsTaj Mahal

    9 Dark And Untold Mysteries Of The Taj Mahal

    Here are some hidden secrets about the Taj Mahal and various theories related to it. We give you some facts to think about!

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  • Historyworld heritage sites

    20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

    Notably, India is one such country that is known for its religious significance. Also, it is also known as ‘The land of gods’ which makes it even more spiritual than any other country in the world. However, being in India, we have known very little about a number of world heritage sites in our country. Thus, here are some splendid…

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