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    Engagement Rings : Are they about love or more?

    You wait for the moment when someone pops the ‘question’, sitting on one knee, with a glorious engagement ring in their hand. Once it’s on your finger, it signifies acceptance of marriage.But, how did its existence come into place? The History of the Engagement Ring can be traced back to the ancient Rome Empire. The ring is placed on the…

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    Do You Know About 95 Theses Of Martin Luther?

    Martin Luther (1483–1546) born in Eisleben, Germany (previously known as Saxony). Luther’s father, Hans was a prosperous businessman and mother was named Margaretta. Martin Luther becomes one of the Western history’s most significant and most influential figures through his writings. One of them was his 95 theses. Via – In 1517, Luther penned a document – “95 theses”, a…

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