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  • Factswhat-does-your-urine-say-about-your-health

    Do You Know Your Urine Says Different Things About Your Health!

    Always you do not have the same kind of urine…! Different urine gives a different picture of your health. Here are some vital signs and signals that you must not as they inform you about what is going on inside your body : image source SWEET SMELL It is not because of anything fresh you have taken. According to Dr.…

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  • Facts

    How Do Color Preferences Reveal Your Personality?

    Almost everyone has a favourite colour. We have preferences while picking out clothes, accessories, footwears, etc. Even if you do not have a favourite one, you might naturally be more drawn to some colour. Well, that’s just how human beings roll. Let me tell! Your colour preference says a lot about you. The psychology of colour is a study which…

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  • This Is What Happens To Your Hair After You’re Dead

    Well, hair is undoubtedly one of the best parts of our bodies. We absolutely love our hair! We spend our life taming our hair in the right way so that they look the best. Some of us even undergo chemical treatments to enhance the beauty of our hair. But, what happens to them once we are dead? First of all…

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