• Historykarva chauth

    The Mythological Story Behind The Festival Of Karva Chauth

    Admit it. You all have heard of Karva Chauth whether it is celebrated by your relatives or not. Being an Indian, I feel that Karva Chauth is as famous as Diwali or Holi, thanks to our daily soaps and Bollywood films. Via – Karva Chauth is the festival celebrated by married Hindu women. They fast from dawn till the…

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  • HistoryVel Weapon

    Vel Weapon The Significant Weapon in the Hindu Mythology

    In Hindu mythology, every god has a weapon or an item with excellent symbolic and metaphorical references. For instance, Lord Shiva is seen with a ‘Damru’ that signifies infinity. He is also seen with the ‘Trishul’ which stands for the three Gunas prescribed in the Dharma. We will talk about Lord Karthikeyan’s weapon, the ‘Vel weapon‘, and the exciting story…

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