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    6 Terrific Laws around the world

    There are many laws passed by different countries to keep their citizen’s liberty intact, but there are a few laws that are quite weird but keeping or threaten their citizens. 6 Terrific Laws around the world 1. Public Masturbation Is Legal In Italy (Image credit: Vice) Well! Can you imagine someone masturbating in a public place and no one questioning?…

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    Some Bizarre Laws From Around The World!

    What if you visit a country in order to enjoy a vacation and are put behind the bars or fined a hefty amount for something you don’t even consider a ‘crime’? Yes, you may be punished for the weirdest and the absurd reasons that you may have never thought of! Here are some most bizarre laws from the countries around…

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    Its High Time These Laws Should Be Done Away With

    If  your past you refuse to let go, There are certain things that you need to know. If the little bird refuses to take off for a flight, Never will she learn how to put a fight. If you stick to the apparitions of your past, You only delay your future in this world, wide and vast. The show must…

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    Why Does The UK Print It’s Laws On Calf Skin?

    For more than 800 years, the United Kingdom has been printing its laws on vellum. But what is vellum? It is made from calf-skin. Vellum is made by first soaking calf-skin in a lime wash. This causes the hair follicles to expand, making it easier to scrape the fat and the fur from the skin. The scraping is done with…

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