• EntertainmentTips For Effective Journaling

    16 Tips For Effective Journaling

    Journaling is an art with many benefits. Not only does it helps you to put your cluttering thoughts altogether, but it can also be the patient ear that listens to all your rants without ever questioning you once or even complaining. If you develop the habit of journaling, you get clarity in different aspects of your life. It can be…

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  • Health and WellnessImprove your mood - Start Journaling!

    4 Benefits of choosing Journalism

    Penning down your thoughts, ideas, and goals can boost your mood and reduce mental health risks like anxiety, stress, and depression. Journaling is not just an act of writing on a piece of paper but also a practice involving rational thinking. Every individual needs to have a healthy relationship with their mind, and one can achieve that with regular and…

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