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  • FactsIs Potato Actually A Power Vegetable?

    Is Potato Actually A Power Vegetable?

    Who doesn’t like a potato? It can be eaten in any form. You mash it, roast it, fry it, anything at all. It is probably one of the few vegetables which are liked by all age groups. China is the world’s top producer and consumer of potatoes. Just name a dish and you can probably add to it, in one…

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  • Facts

    MISCONCEPTION: 6 French things that are actually not ‘French’!

    Bread, breakfast foods, hairstyles —many names come to thought when anyone states France. However, just so you know, most of the stuff that you believe to be ‘French’ was neither here nor there related to France. Thus take off that braid hairstyle, put down the fries, and get ready to be astounded by everything that till now you considered to…

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  • Health and Wellnessdiabetes

    10 Major Foods That A Diabetic Should Avoid

    Diabetes is a chronic and long-term condition that occurs when the blood glucose or blood sugar levels in the body are too high. If not controlled properly, it can lead to serious problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, blindness and other complications. Hence, it is very important to make wise food decisions, as eating the wrong food may…

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