• What Makes Blue Pigment Unique In The Natural World?

    Nature entails species that have a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from the olive-colored Ridley turtles, to pink flamingos, to the red-billed firefinch. But what about the color blue? Well, blue is an extreme rarity when it comes to the animal kingdom. Although we may find blue butterflies and blue whales, they are actually not blue. These species merely seem…

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  • Facts

    Top 8 Bizarre World Records Ever Made

    We are sure you have done really bizarre stuff in your life, but here are some people who made world records out of it.  Here we bring you the top 8 amazing people with their weirdly amazing talents that led them to make a world record. Top 8 Bizarre World Records Ever Made 1. Most Piercings Do you remember the…

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