cherry blossom festival

  • FactsTips for enjoying cherry blossom season

    Tips For Enjoying Cherry Blossom Season In Japan

    Japan has a specific cultural tradition known as “Hanami” or “Cherry Blossom Viewing”, generally done in the cherry blossom season or the season when the Sakura (cherry blossom) trees are in full bloom. The Hanami festival is not only for flower viewing, but it also depicts the start of spring. At this time, the people have a picnic with their…

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  • Factsindia's first cherry blossom festival

    India’s First Cherry Blossom Festival

    Every year tourist flocks down to Japan to observe the cherry blossom festival at the advent of spring. The lush green trees totally covered in baby pink and white blossoms is a sight to behold. But now, why travel miles and miles long when you can bask in the glory of the blossoms right here? Via – India’s First…

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