13 Signs Of A Cat’s Love Language

What are you? A dog lover or a cat lover? Many of you might choose dogs over cats because they are considered more affectionate and trustworthy than cats. As we all know, cats usually prefer to roam freely and are believed to be less reliable and loving than dogs. But once you gain their trust, they will be the most adorable, cute, and affectionate pets ever.

Every animal has a unique way of showing love towards us, such as dogs wagging their tails or jumping on you and licking you to show that they are happy to see you. In the same way, cats also have unique ways of showing their affection and love toward us.

13 Signs Of A Cat’s Love Language

1. Slow blinking  

We are aware that eyes express what words can’t, which is true when it comes to our feline friends. As animals can’t speak, they use gestures that express their feelings. 

When it comes to cats, they tend to use their eyes to show their affection toward the people they love. They would mostly hold direct eye contact with lowered eyelids and slow, steady blinks. This gesture is usually assumed to be a ‘kiss’ in a cat’s language. One can respond to it by slowly blinking.

2. Headbutting

Does your feline rub against you while moving around? It means they love you. Headbutting (bumping their head against you) or rubbing their cheeks against you is one of their ways of showing love towards their humans. This behavior is assumed to have been developed since the kitten’s stage, where they usually headbutt other kittens and their mother.

Headbutting helps your feline to mark its territory by leaving its scent on it. This helps cats to bond together and present their love to us. In other words, they are just marketing you as theirs. Be happy!

3. Kneading 

You must have been puzzled seeing your feline kneading its front paws. It’s also one of the behaviors they start doing when they are kittens and carry it to adulthood. This specific behavior is associated with nursing on their mother’s milk.  

Cats tend to feel comfortable when they knead. You might have noticed them kneading while you stroke or pet them. They sometimes knead to make a soft place for them to sleep. It’s just their natural behavior. 

4. Purring

I’m sure everyone has heard their feline purring most of the time, especially while being petted or while cuddling with their favorite human. Many might consider it to be a feline way of telling you they are upset, but most of the time, it’s their way of saying they love you and they love the way you are pampering them.

5. Showing their belly

If your kitty sleeps while lying on its back, exposing its belly to you, this is considered the ultimate sign of trust. A cat can only sleep in this position if they feel safe and relaxed. 

Be aware, though; it’s not an invitation to pet or rub their belly. It’s just a way of saying they feel comfortable and safe exposing one of their most vulnerable body parts. Rubbing or petting their belly might cause them to retaliate with a bite or scratch.

6. Licking

We all now know that cats tend to keep themselves clean and groomed by always licking themselves. Cats also tend to lick their little kittens, who are babies and still can’t look after their own grooming. It also means that the cat is leaving its scent on the people or other kittens or cats that they lick, marking them as an important living being to themselves. So now, if you find your cat licking or biting you or your clothes, know that they are just marking you as an important person in their world.

7. Meowing 

You certainly must have come across those kitten videos where the felines respond to their owners by meowing. Guess what? It’s not fake but actually true. It’s a way cats express their comfort. They usually let out short, quiet meows when we speak slowly and softly with them. But keep in mind that if a cat starts to hiss or meow gets longer, it’s a sign that they are done with the conversation.  

8. Welcoming you at the door

Whenever your feline greets you at the door, it means they missed you while you were away. They will walk in between your legs, rubbing their cheeks against them, or sometimes even stand on their hind legs with their front paws holding onto your leg. They’ll let out small meow sounds and shake their tail rapidly, known as “rattle-tail” behavior. 

This also means that they are probably hungry or thirsty or that their litter box needs to be cleaned, make sure to look out for these things. 

9. Following you 

It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat; they will follow you everywhere you go. It’s similar to welcoming at the door as this makes it possible for them to be around you and keep you in their sight. They might sometimes even tend to weave around your legs. 

10. Tail language

Cats use their tails to express their love toward their owners. If you see your feline’s tail in an upright position with a “C-shape” or a hook at the very top, it means that your kitty is content with you. They will let their tail touch you when they are next to you or while walking with you. They rattle their tail while walking when they are happy to see you. 

11. Bringing you presents

As cats belong to the family of tigers, they are born hunters. If you have an outdoor cat, then they might surprise you by bringing the remains of a dead mouse that they might have hunted as a gift from their end to you.

This is a true sign of love and pride, even if this view upsets your stomach. This is their way of rewarding you for your love. In the case of indoor cats, they might reward you by bringing their toys.

12. Sleeping near you

Cats who love sleeping next to you or within reach of you petting them show that they love you and believe that you would protect them or vice versa in a dangerous situation. They can sometimes even end up cuddling against you as they feel safe and crave your warmth. 

13. Love bites

Yup, when your kitty nibbles on you gently, it’s their playful way of showing their love. Be careful when this nibble turns into a painful bite!

Viola! If your cat shows any or all of these signs, you have definitely gained its trust and love. Cats express their love in many ways. Their vocals, body language, and behaviors tell us so much about their trust and adoration. If you acknowledge and understand these signs and behaviors, then it will help you build a strong, loving bond with your feline. Though it’s tough to gain a cat’s trust, once earned, you will have one of the most beautiful relationships with your cat.

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