Bored Of White Walls? Here Are Some Amazing Ways For Wall Decor

Bored of gazing on those bare off-white walls?Infuse it with warmth and style by adding creative wall arts. We have zeroed in on some unique, comfortable and affordable ways to decorate walls that can enliven your wall and room.

Let us have a sneak peek at some amazing ideas to get you started.

1. Wall Decals

Wall Decals are the excellent backdrop in any room. It adds dimension, pomp, and color to your interiors. These wall stickers are readily available and comfortable to use.  The best part is, they are cost-effective.

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2. Make a Gallery Wall

Gallery wall whimsically adorns a room, and it becomes a center of attraction. Its chic factor will make your home look uber. You can have your kids’ artwork, classic paintings in nice elegant frames, vintage trays, images of your family members and other stuff.

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3. Fabric Panels

Use small pieces of fabric, stretch them out and stick them on a thick cardboard or an embroidery hoop. You can also recycle your kids’ or brother’s Graphic Tees by cropping and adding them in frames. You can create an array of such colorful panels that will look great anywhere.

4. Color Burst or Pattern on Walls

One of the simplest techniques to get an unusual look at your house is to paint a wall with a multitude of colors. Hang a beautiful piece of art on that wall and move an elegant piece of furniture there. You can also add a new pattern or texture as well.

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5. 3D Wall Art

An eclectic 3D art will grab many eyeballs. They are not only elegant but also classic wall arts. One can have garlands made of paper, old ribbons and pom poms or shelves made from shoe boxes. You can put up some simple danglers too.

via – lifehack

6. Innovative Book Shelf

Book Shelf is a safe and best wall art, but the idea is to get it done innovatively. Rather than merely adding rectangular pieces of furniture one can choose innovative bookshelf for your room. Aren’t they a stunning wall accessory?

via – demilked

7. Cover the wall with Plates

These wall plates are best ways to decorate walls as they are readily available at low prices and secure too.  And covering the whole wall with plates has the same effect as “one big piece of art”. So fill up those blank spaces by placing some classic, timeless pattern.

via – scraphacker

8. Paper Art on wall

Another convenient way of decorating your blind walls is by having interesting paper artworks. These crafts, when done right, they really look great, and it makes your home distinct.

via – fordfire

Do you too have some more creative ways to decorate walls? Then do mention them in comments below.

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