Deepika Rao

  • Factsswastik symbol

    The reason why the Swastik Symbol On Your Palm Holds Great Importance

    Palmistry is an ancient method to predict one’s future. This practice has been carried out even in today’s modern world. Some people believe in everything that the tiny lines on their palm indicate, while there is a section of people who find this completely useless and time-wasting. And there is a segment of people who neither believe in palmistry nor…

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  • HistorySnakes & Ladders

    Understand Karma Through A Board Game Snakes And Ladders

    The Rules Of Snakes And Ladders Two or more people can play the Snakes and Ladders game on a game board consisting of numbers and grid squares. Then there is a number on ‘Snakes and Ladders’ which are pictured on the board, each Snake and Ladder connects to two specific board squares. Leisurely yet fun to play, those dice decide…

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