Mind-Blowing Facts About The Magical Herb Turmeric

The etymology of  the name Turmeric

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The name of this magical herb turmeric may have come from a Middle English word turmeryte or tarmaret or the French word terra merite. Although there has been a lot of confusion regarding its English name, the genus name Curcuma has been derived from the Sanskrit word kuṅkuma which can mean both turmeric or saffron.

General Knowledge

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Archaeological surveys have revealed that the origin of turmeric can be traced in northern parts of India dating as early as 2500 BC. In fact, Turmeric is a native plant of the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. Its’ shape looks like ginger. It is in fact a part of the Ginger family known as Zingiberaceae.

India and Turmeric

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Turmeric is one of the most important herbs in all Indian homes. Haldi is the colloquial term for turmeric in India. Did you know that it is almost quintessential to use turmeric in most Indian dishes?

In fact, India is the largest producer of Turmeric in the world.


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Surprisingly this edible herb has mysterious superstitions associated with it. As a result, some people put a pinch of turmeric in corners of their house. There is no scientific explanation but several people use it as a remedy against the evil eye.

Coloring Properties

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Did you know that Buddhist robes were dyed with Turmeric? For ages, Buddhist monks used saffron to dye robes. But saffron was costly. That is why turmeric soon replaced saffron. Turmeric is also a dye for other fabrics such as the sari, scarves etc.


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Turmeric is a key ingredient of several Ayurvedic medicines. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and increases antioxidants in your body. It is high in antioxidants. For ages, Ayurvedic practitioners have advised this herb as a remedy for a cough and cold. To cure cough and cold the best way to have turmeric is along with Tulsi leaves and Ginger.

Other Health Benefits

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Turmeric has several other healing capabilities. Having a little bit of turmeric every day prevents Alzheimer and fights against depression. It has bio-active compounds.

Turmeric has massive healing properties. It treats indigestion, liver ailments, throat infections, cuts and wounds etc.

The magical herb turmeric does have a cure for almost every ailment.

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