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It is an accepted truth that we waste a lot of our time in deciding the outfits to wear before going out, especially when it is lunch with a friend or a get-together. Outfits have always been our confidence booster and especially if they are attractive enough to leave the other person speechless. So, if you want to flaunt your fashion and leave your friend admiring you then here we have some trendy ideas of 2020 for you to make your lunch date extremely special. These outfits can make you fall in love with yourself and they are so light that you can wear them anytime you want. You can easily get hold of these amazing outfits online at stores like Myntra and unlock additional savings using Myntra coupons. Check some of the best outfit ideas to give you the adorably cute look on a lunch date. 

Midi dresses

Midi dresses
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Midi dresses have been a part of the 2019 style trend and they are popular in 2020 as well. If you don’t want to wear something too long like a maxi dress and too short like the mini dress then the midi dress is a perfect choice. These dresses are just so lightweight and comfortable that you can carry them without even worrying much. They are also very easy to style with heels, and casual shoes and can help you look stunning without wasting much time. You can even get these dresses easily from online shopping sites like Shein, Myntra, Ajio, and others. 

Fit and flare dresses

Fit and flare dresses
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Fit and flare dresses are something that can never go out of trend. These dresses are extremely helpful in making you look fit because they are fit from above and lose from the bottom that can help you in hiding your belly fat. You can style them with shoes and high heels as well. If you want to look cute at your lunch date then wear a plain fit and flare dress with white shoes or wear a shirt above to make it more stylish. If you want a vintage look then wear a coat over the dress and style it with boots or wear a printed dress with a white shirt and white shoes and you are ready to take everybody’s attention. 

You can also wear such a dress with some pieces of jewelry as they are not so formal and not so casual while styling them with heels. The best part of these dresses is that they are not body hugging and can be styled in any way. These dresses are easily available on Myntra, Shein, and other online shopping sites. 

White shirts and long printed skirts

White shirts and long printed skirts
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Time has gone when white shirts were restricted to office meetings only, now you can carry them at the time of your casual outings as well. With the arrival of summer, everyone wants to wear some loose-fitting clothes that can make them look cool and stunning while providing optimum comfort. You can simply take a plain shirt and can make a knot if you want, then style with long printed skirts. These long skirts will end above your ankle and will give a look of Indo-Western dresses. The best part of the white color is that it can go with most of your skirts. Not only with printed skirts, but you can also even style these plain shirts with plain bright colored skirts. Also, these shirts and skirts are easily available at most of the online shopping sites. 

However, this look may seem too casual but it will definitely be suitable for your lunch dates and if you have a good height then its the icing on the cake for you. If you want to look a bit formal then you can tuck your shirt instead of making a knot and can style it with heels. So, now you are ready to impress your date with your saucy look. 

Jeans and tops with sling bags

Jeans and tops with sling bags
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If you are hungover by the over-the-top looks and blingy look then we have some suggestions to save you from the effort. With this voguish look which can go for any of your meetings whether it’s a casual date or a formal meeting. You can always go for slim fit jeans and some cool tops. To add the extra style you may simply carry a sling bag with yourself adding the perfect accessory to your look. Since slim-fit jeans are known to be fashionably cooperative enough that they can go with all your tops and shirts and with a little touch up of makeup you are ready for your date. 

Since most of us are missing going out nowadays and it has turned monotonous to spend your days in just pajamas, these outfit ideas can be the feed to your fashion hungry brain while making sure you have enough options to switch be it a casual outing or a formal meeting with the help of this simple guide outlined to add the lovable appearance to your usual looks. So, don’t let the efforts on deciding upon the perfect outfit dampen your spirit for a memorable outing and simply deploy these amazing looks in your wardrobe to bring your best game of fashion every time. 

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