Limelight Is On This Miraculous Animal Now.

A fisherman just hopes to have a good catch when he casts his reel. But results might not be the same as always. It may be a prize catch or even just seaweed and sometimes even thrown away plastic or old torn clothes. This is all, what they generally expect.

But would anyone have ever thought that he/ she might catch a fish having the head of a bird?

A fisherman actually experienced this while fishing in China’s Guizhou Province. His catch was part fish and part bird. It had the body of a fish but the head of a bird.

The News has broken

China’s Guizhou Urban Newspaper, which broke the news, identified the fish as a common freshwater carp (Cyprinus carpio). But a lot of people still believe that it was a miraculous animal. The mouth resembles a beak while the small fins on the side give the appearance of wings.

via: welcometochina.com.au

Abrupt reasons for the miracle or deformation

To clear all the misconceptions about this miraculous animal, scientists have come up with a better explanation.

The fish’s unusual appearance could be because of some sort of a developmental problem caused earlier in its life. There might be various reasons for this deformity. The hormonal factor could be one possibility. Another reason could be that the chemicals, dissolved in the water might have caused this problem.

Yang Xing, an expert from the Guizhou Fisheries suggested the same. There might be various reasons behind the deformation. The embryo might have been damaged while it was growing or the overcrowded fish farming might have caused lack of oxygen which eventually led to the head deformation.

Whatever the reason, the animal has gained immense popularity with its Youtube videos gaining high views.

The video shows the strange fish gasping for air while the onlookers exclaimed in surprise!

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