• The Evolution of Parenting: What Millennials Want to Instill in Their Kids

    When you hear Baby Boomers and Generation X talking, you can often hear that Millennials are said to be selfish, self-oriented, entitled and completely lost when it comes to thinking about their future. However, studies show that this simply isn’t the case but that Millennials might be the best parents history has ever seen.  Millennial parents are more focused on…

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  • Fashion

    Dress To Impress – Ways To Choose Proper Clothes For Your Children

    Whether you’re travelling with family, taking your kids for a stroll, getting them ready for a playdate, what they wear and whether they’re properly attired, is of high relevance. It’s not only a matter of your kids looking well put together, although that is important too. After all, if you, as a mom, are dressed well, it’s only natural that…

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  • Facts

    A Mental Illness Only For The Rich Kids

    Being super rich and wealthy is what most of fantasize! Let us read about a malady said to result from excessive privilege: Heard of the term “Spoiled Brat”? It refers specifically to children and teenagers (from wealthier families) who have been raised poorly and have a sense of entitlement making them Snobby, Egoistic and Demanding. Some parents are unable to set proper…

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