20 Fun Games To Play At Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are real-quality nights where the kids are seen running and laughing, and the entire home has joyous and positive vibes. These beyond any price moments can be more valuable with some interesting family games played together on such beautiful occasions.

20 Fun Games To Play At Family Gatherings

1. The Chinese Whisper

Players form a circle, and the first player whispers any random sentence to the second player. The second player repeats the given sentence to the third one. This happens in a cycle until the last player whispers to the first person, who then checks whether the sentence is the same as told by him. It is fun as most of the time, the sentence gets changed while being passed.

2. Hide N Seek

Everyone has played this famous game. But ever considered playing it in your “home sweet home” with your younger and elder ones? It will be more fun to hide behind those sofas, behind the door, and under the bed. The whole family involved in such a type of game will give a unique and joyous experience for everyone.

3. Board Games

Simple and common board games like Ludo, Snakes N Ladders, Monopoly, and Chess can be real fun when played on such family occasions. Although these games support around 4 players, you try playing them in turns wise just like a mini-tournament. It makes it more interesting to participate in a family-friendly tournament.

4. Hit The Target

A few plastic bottles are set in a pyramid pattern. All we need to do is just shoot them with a ball. The more bottles fall, the more points are given. After a total of 5-10 rounds, a winner is declared. The challenge becomes harder while competing against the elder ones. See if you can beat them or not?

5. Musical Chairs

A set of chairs is placed opposite each other in a line. With the music being played, the players walk around the chairs, and the moment the music stops at any random time, players have to sit on the chairs. The one who doesn’t have any chair to sit on gets eliminated.

(The number of chairs has to be one less than the number of players playing, and after each round, one chair is to be removed)

6. Don’t Laugh Challenge

Smiles are seen on every face who meets his/her loved ones after a long time. In fact, the whole house is seen laughing and smiling at each other. But what if a challenge is made which prohibits laughing if you want to win? Turn wise, each member sits on a chair, and the others form a line in front of the sitting person. Each one of them gets a chance to joke and make the settled person laugh—the one who doesn’t laugh at all wins.

7. Card Games

If you have a deck of cards/ trump cards/ UNO cards available, it will be enjoyable to play those with your family. Some of them are purely luck-based, while others have strategy involved. See who’s the lucky one in the house and who’s the smart one!

8. Pass The Pillow

This one is an interesting luck-based game. To play this, you have to form a circle with one of the members holding the pillow. When the music is played, the pillow must be passed to the next player in the cycle as quickly as possible. When the music stops at any point in time, the person holding the pillow gets eliminated.

(Remember the pillow is to be passed and not thrown to the next person)

9. Guess The Song Name

Now, this one is not as simple as it sounds. You have to guess the name of the song being played, but the twist is that the elder ones have to play the old nostalgic songs of their times, and the younger ones have to play the latest ones.

10. Draw ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

Grab a paper and a pencil. One person dictates to draw some random thing like a car, a bus, a building, or anything. The one who draws the given thing first wins, and the last one gets eliminated. This simple game will also tell who’s the artist in the house!

11. Smell N Tell

Participants have to cover their eyes with some cloth, and it is to be ensured that they can’t see anything. Now, all they have to do is just guess the thing placed in front of them by smelling it. It can be any fruit or vegetable. The one who guesses it right wins. It’s simple and fun.

12. Do As Instructed

In this game, the participant has to do the activity/action given by the other person. This person can be any member who is willing to host this game. The tasks/ actions given by the host can be anything from singing to mimicking and, to build more interest in the game, you can try to give some different sort of challenges. For example- acting like the others or giving some tongue twisters.

13. Hidden Objects

One member shall be the host, and the others have to find the object hidden by him. Hints are to be given about the place or the area where the object is placed. The person who finds the object has to become the host for the next turn. It will be really fun to see all of your family finding an object placed by you!

14. Tic Tac Toe!

Everyone has played this easy and compelling paper-pen game. Draw a 3×3 grid to play this game. Each player gets 1 turn to mark the grid. Now, to win this game, you have to fill this grid with 3 consecutive marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. Although this game supports two players at a time, you can try playing a mini-tournament with your family and see who’s the master of the game!

15.  Paper Plane Contest

This game will surely make you recall your childhood! Make a paper plane with your name written on it. Then go to the start line and throw it in the air. Each member does it turn wise and the plane which flies the farthest wins. Playing it with your younger ones like a child gives the next level of joy!

16. Balance The Balloon

Take a balloon. Throw it up in the air. Now, don’t let it come down to the ground! The interesting thing is, you can only use your head and shoulders. The one who keeps the balloon up for the longest time wins. Sounds simple right? Actually, you will find it more challenging than expected but, it will ensure laughter amongst the family members.

17. Name Place Animal Thing

Many of you might have already played this game before. All of the members take a paper and a pen with “Name Place Animal Thing” written on it in a row with proper columns made for each. The host is made who will say any random alphabet and start the stopwatch. Within 10 seconds, you have to write each object starting from the given alphabet in its column. The one who fails to do so gets eliminated.

18. Two Truths One Lie

Each participant gets a turn to speak 3 sentences, out of which one is false, and the other 2 are true. You have to guess which one is false. Each member gets 1 turn to tell the answer, and the one who guesses it right gets the next turn. The person whose lie isn’t found by anyone wins.

19. Don’t Move!

The other name for this game might be “Statue!”. The host has to order others to be statues, and the one who moves even a bit is caught red-handed by the host and gets eliminated. The last one to survive wins. It will be funny to see your close ones in different poses while being a statue.

20. What’s That?

Place some different kinds of things in paper bags with one thing in each bag (make sure the bag is not transparent/ translucent). Make others touch the thing placed without actually looking in the bag. It can be anything like a toy, TV remote, car key, or a cell—the player who guesses everything right wins.

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