• EntertainmentLife Lesson To Learn From Muhammad Ali

    9 Life Lessons to Learn From Muhammad Ali

    From a champion in the ring to a champion outside of the ring, a family man, a social activist, a visionary, he goes by many titles. Mohammad Ali is a man with principles and a man who would willingly let go of everything that he earned with his blood and sweat if it meant compromising with his values and beliefs.…

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  • Lifestyle

    11 Brilliant Home Decor Trends of all Time

    From decorating homes with indoor plants to basket walls, monochrome to classic blue, introduced a new wave of trends, instead of grabbing on popular decor choices from the past decade, taking over them with new ideas and fresh aesthetics. Here Are 11 Brilliant Home Decor Trends of all Time. 1. Indoor Plants And Aquariums Source: Dream land Design Instagram and…

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