100 Psychological Thrillers You Must Watch

From Nora Ephron to Billy Winder, we have some amazing scriptwriters who, along with the help of exceptionally talented actors, directors, and their whole crew, brew some splendid films. We also have a range of genres, from romantic movies to action and sci-fi thrillers. But the genre most likely to keep your eyes glued to the screen is psychological thrillers. These movies really blow your mind with their startling plot and cast.

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100 Psychological Thrillers You Must Watch

1. Black Swan

Released more than a decade ago, this film still has the potential to blow your mind. The story revolves around Nina (played by Natalie Portman), a ballet dancer and also the protagonist of the film. She gets the chance to play White Swan, Princess Odette. Everything works well for her until the director of the film believes that Lily, her rival, has the potential to play the role better. She sees herself slipping into jealousy and madness after learning the truth.

2. Shutter Island 

Yet another mind-blowing movie, Shutter Island, sails through the tale of two US Marshals – Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, who are sent to a mental asylum located on a faraway island for looking into the disappearance of a patient. On reaching the island, Teddy discovers shocking truths about the place and himself. The movie surely won’t leave you disappointed or, at least, Leonardo Di Caprio won’t!

3. Gone Girl

Released in 2014, Gone Girl is an adaptation of the novel by Gillian Flynn. The film revolves around Amy Dunne, who is also pregnant and disappears under mysterious circumstances on her fifth wedding anniversary. Her husband, Nick Dunne, garners all the media coverage surrounding her disappearance. The film shows the dark side of marriage and instances of marital discord.

4. The Girl on the Train

The film is another adaptation of the book of the same name by Paula Hawkins. The bone-chilling story revolves around Rachel Watson, obsessed with a couple – Scott and Megan, who lives next door to her ex-husband. She idealizes and envies their perfect relationship. However, when Megan goes missing under mysterious circumstances, Rachel is dragged into a gruesome investigation.

5. Orphan 

Orphan is a sinister and disturbing psychological thriller. The story is full of jaw-dropping twists and turns. The movie’s plot twist is enthralling. It is about a nine-year-old girl, adopted by a couple after they lose their child. However, the initially sweet and innocent-looking girl unveils shocking truths about her past and identity throughout the movie. You will lose a good night’s sleep after watching this movie! The movie also has a sequel which released in 2022.

6. Get Out 

Get out is another thrilling story of an African-American man who decides to spend a weekend at his girlfriend’s home. However, her parents might not be as normal as they seem. He starts to discover the horrors of the house and its members. A must-watch movie to celebrate the spooky season!

7. The Perfectionist 

Another sinister movie, The Perfectionist, has some graphically disturbing scenes that will creep you out. The film is about a troubled musician Charlotte, who returns to her music school after years, only to find out that she is replaced by star student Lizzie. The two then walk down a gruesome path together to unfold and solve some disturbing mysteries. The movie is available on Netflix.

8. Oxygen

Melanie Laurent and Mathieu Amalric are the stars of the French psychological thriller Oxygen, which was made by seasoned horror director Alexandre Aja. The story is about a lady who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber without any memory of how she got there and needs to escape before she runs out of air.

9. Intrusion

This is a Netflix film starring Freida Pinto. After a house invasion traumatizes a husband and wife after they relocate to a small town, the wife becomes distrustful of everyone around her. She then proceeds to discover some harsh realities.

10. The Woman in the Window

A.J. Finn, the fictitious name of author Dan Mallory, wrote The Woman in the Window. The protagonist of the narrative is the agoraphobic Dr. Anna Fox, who, while observing the Russell family, the neighborhood’s supposedly picture-perfect neighbors, witnesses something she shouldn’t have.

11. The Boy Next Door

Rob Cohen and Barbara Curry’s 2015 American sexual thriller The Boy Next Door stars actress Jennifer Lopez. The main character of the story is Claire, who has a passionate relationship with a young man named Noah Sandborn. She is unaware of the dangerous repercussions of her actions, though.

12. Hush

Hush is indeed a really scary movie. It tells the story of a deaf writer who fled into the woods to lead a solitary existence and is forced to battle for her life silently when a masked killer breaks through her window.

13. Vanilla Sky

The 2001 American science fiction thriller Vanilla Sky was co-produced, written, and directed by Cameron Crowe. The main character of the movie is publishing tycoon David Aames, who suffers facial scarring after a vehicle accident. The event alters him and makes him start to doubt his life’s current reality.

14. The Glass House

The Glass House tells the story of a teenage orphan who gets adopted by a Malibu couple but finds out they aren’t the kindhearted friends they seem to be.

15. The Juror

This is a 1996 American legal thriller movie based on George Dawes Green’s 1995 book of the same name. Alec Baldwin plays a mobster dispatched to frighten Demi Moore, who plays a single mother selected for jury duty in a mafia trial under the direction of Brian Gibson. 

16. The Net

This is a 1995 American action thriller movie with Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, and Dennis Miller in the lead roles. It is directed by Irwin Winkler. Computer programmer Angela Bennett finds herself on the run from an unidentified foe who is out to destroy her totally once she discovers government secrets.

17. Case 39

Christian Alvart’s 2009 supernatural horror film Case 39 stars Renée Zellweger, Jodelle Ferland, Bradley Cooper, and Ian McShane. To protect Lily from her violent parents, idealistic social worker Emily enlists the assistance of a detective. The dark powers that are encircling her increase the horror just when things start to seem promising.

18. Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession is an American Psychological Thriller film directed by Peter Sullivan. The protagonist of the narrative, Jennifer, awakens from a violent incident with amnesia and her devoted husband tending to her, but she quickly realizes that the true danger is still very much present.

19. Before I Go To Sleep

Based on S. J. Watson’s 2011 book Before I Go to Sleep, the 2014 mystery psychological thriller was written and directed by Rowan Joffé. Christine Lucas, the protagonist of the tale, struggles with memory loss while attempting to remember her history. When she learns horrific truths about her life, things take an unexpected turn.

20. Memento

The two stories of Leonard, a former insurance investigator who is unable to form new memories, are told in Memento as he searches for his wife’s killer—the last thing he can recall. While telling the story in reverse and disclosing more each time, one plot line advances in time.

21. Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair is a psychological thriller starring Nia Long in the lead role. After having a brief contact with an old friend, the protagonist of the narrative attempts to save her marriage. She soon discovers that her ex-lover is more unstable and dangerous than she had originally believed.

22. The Bourne Identity

Based on a novel by Robert Ludlum, this is an action-thriller movie released in 2002. In the plot, a man with a bullet-riddled body is discovered and cared for by complete strangers. He awakens with no recollection and sets off on a quest to discover himself, not realizing that the path ahead is fraught with peril.

23. Dead Again

Kenneth Branagh’s neo-noir romantic thriller Dead Again was released in 1991. The story revolves around Roman Strauss, a composer, who was executed in 1949 for killing his wife. A detective in 1990s Los Angeles learns that a silent amnesiac woman who was hypnotized had some connection to the Strauss murder.

24. Watcher

Watcher is a psychological thriller released in 2022, starring Maika Monroe and Burn Gorman. The story is about a young actress who recently moved to the area with her partner and discovers a mysterious man observing her from across the street as a serial killer stalks the city.

25. Goodnight Mommy

The 2022 American psychological horror film Goodnight Mommy is helmed by Matt Sobel. When identical twin brothers get home to discover their mother’s demeanor changed and her face bandaged, they start to wonder if the woman hiding beneath the gauze is not who she claims to be.

26. Deep Water

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas play the main characters in the sexual, psychological thriller movie Deep Water from 2022. Vic and Melinda, a married couple, are the main characters of the novel. As the two grow apart, Melinda engages in extramarital affairs. When all of her partners vanish, Vic is put under suspicion.

27. Fear of Rain

Fear of Rain is a disturbing thriller written and directed by Castille Landon. It takes you inside Rain’s mind as she battles the terrifying hallucinations in her head to figure out whether there is actual evil lurking right next door.

28. The Invisible Man

The central characters in The Invisible Man are Cecilia and her controlling ex-boyfriend, who pretends to die and turns invisible in order to hunt and harass Cecilia. She starts to encounter unusual occurrences and makes the decision to investigate the matter on her own.

29. The Stranger

In The Stranger, Mark, an undercover police officer, develops a close, deep bond with Henry, a murder suspect, to win his trust and get a confession while putting both of their lives in danger.

30. Gerald’s Game

In Gerald’s Game, a lady accidentally murders her husband while engaging in foreplay. They had come to a remote place, hoping to reignite their faltering love. She is handcuffed to the bed and soon loses her mind.

31. Oculus

This is a 2013 American supernatural psychological horror film that was co-written, edited, and directed by Mike Flanagan. The protagonist of the tale, a newly freed patient from a mental institution, discovers from his sister that the crimes for which he was found guilty were actually planned by a paranormal force known as the Lasser Glass mirror.

32. The Mist

Based on Stephen King’s 1980 novel of the same name, The Mist is a 2007 American science fiction horror movie. A mist suddenly envelops the entire city, bringing with it vicious beasts that consume anyone in their path, trapping David and his son inside a store along with some other citizens.

33. In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass is another Netflix psychological thriller. To save a boy, a brother, and sister enter a field of tall grass. They soon understand, though, that they are in a trap and that something ominous is lurking in the grass.

34. The Black Phone

The movie depicts a vicious, disguised killer holding Finney Shaw, a quiet but smart 13-year-old kid, captive in a soundproof basement. He quickly learns that he can hear the voices of the murderer’s prior victims, who are adamant that Finney doesn’t suffer the same fate as they did. This is shown when a disconnected phone on the wall starts to ring.

35. Blackhat

A 2015 American action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, Blackhat was produced and directed by Michael Mann. In the movie, a hacker named Nick gets let out of prison after a terrorist assault is connected to a code he wrote. He is drawn into the disputes between America and China while attempting to assist the police.

36. Personal Shopper

Olivier Assayas is the author and director of the 2016 supernatural psychological thriller movie Personal Shopper. Kristen Stewart plays a young American residing in Paris as a personal shopper for a famous person while attempting to contact her deceased twin brother.

37. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Based on Stieg Larsson’s 2005 novel, this is a 2011 neo-noir psychological thriller movie. The film, which stars Daniel Craig as journalist Mikael Blomkvist and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander, chronicles Blomkvist’s quest to learn what happened to an affluent family’s missing daughter who vanished forty years before. He also takes computer hacker Salander’s assistance.

38. Regression

In this film, a detective and a psychotherapist look into the frightening history of a young woman and find evidence of a satanic cult. In the 1990s, a dad was detained in Minnesota after being accused of abusing his daughter. He admits culpability despite having no memory of the incident.

39. Panic Room

Another intriguing movie with Meg and Sarah as the main characters, who hide in their home’s panic room when burglars break in. They are unfortunate since the invaders will do anything to get what they seek, which is hidden within the room.

40. Dark Places

When a lady (Charlize Theron) looks into the possibility that her brother (Corey Stoll) is innocent of the murder of her mother and 2 sisters, she is forced to relive horrific memories from her childhood concerning the killings.

41. Mirrors

Ben is the protagonist of the film Mirrors. He watches over a partially wrecked building at night, but he soon starts to notice unusual things in its flawless mirrors. He is certain that bad forces are after him after his sister is dead.

42. Saw

In Saw, two men are given explicit orders to kill each other or suffer repercussions when they awaken to find themselves on opposite sides of a dead body. The Jigsaw Killer’s most recent victims are these two.

43. Split

The 2016 American psychological horror film Split, starring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Betty Buckley, was directed, produced, and written by M. Night Shyamalan. The movie centers on a dissociative identity disorder sufferer who kidnaps three young girls and holds them captive in a remote underground facility.

44. Vertigo

Detective Scottie, who has acrophobia, is hired to look into the odd behaviors of an old friend’s wife in the center of the movie. Scottie develops a potentially deadly obsession with her as she commits suicide.

45. The Alphabet Killer

A 2008 thriller-horror movie called The Alphabet Killer is partially inspired by the Alphabet murders that happened in Rochester, New York, between 1971 and 1973.

46. Kiss the Girls

In Kiss the Girls, a detective crosses town to look into the kidnapping of his niece and track down a serial killer by the name of Casanova. A victim who is able to escape his cold grip decides to assist the investigator.

47. Mystic River

Clint Eastwood directed and co-produced the 2003 American neo-noir criminal thriller movie Mystic River, which starred Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon. Sean, a police investigator, is investigating Katie’s murder when Jimmy’s daughter passes away, and his investigation takes him to a crime that happened 25 years ago.

48. The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy is a romantic thriller starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut. Successful lobbyist Leah Vaughn ends her relationship with her longtime partner Dave and starts seeing a total stranger. As soon as Dave reappears in her life, she’s forced to make a difficult decision.

49. Primal Fear

In Primal Fear, Chicago defense lawyer Martin Vail (Gere) fights to establish the innocence of 19-year-old altar boy Aaron Stampler (Norton), who is charged with the murder of a Catholic archbishop (Stanley Anderson). The key reasons for Primal Fear’s legacy are Norton’s outstanding performance and the surprising conclusion.

50. Nocturnal Animals

One of those kinds of films that stays with you long after it has ended is Nocturnal Animals. The storytelling makes the level of artistic finesse involved worth seeing. The protagonist of the movie is Susan, who receives a manuscript of her ex-husband Edward’s new book and is immediately engrossed in it. She’s forced to face a number of upsetting facts about their marriage by the story, though.

51. American Psycho

American Psycho is undoubtedly one of the most classic thrillers of all time. The protagonist of the narrative is affluent investment banker Patrick Bateman, who keeps his psychotic ego hidden from his friends. Later, when he gives way to an unfettered bloodlust, his crazy nightmares become more intense.

52. The Uninvited

The Uninvited is a horror thriller starring Emily Browning and Arielle Kebbel in the lead roles. After leaving the psychiatric hospital, Anna has a hard time settling into her new life at home. Then, she and her sister Alex decide to exact revenge on those who killed their mother.

53. The Skeleton Key

An American Southern Gothic supernatural horror movie from 2005, The Skeleton Key stars Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt, Peter Sarsgaard, and Joy Bryant. The story concerns a hospice nurse from New Orleans who accepts a position at a plantation estate in Terrebonne Parish and finds herself drawn into a paranormal investigation concerning the home, its previous occupants, and Hoodoo rites and spells that were performed there.

54. Ma

Tate Taylor co-produced and helmed Ma, an American psychological horror movie, which was released in 2019. It concerns a group of teens who become friends with a depressed middle-aged woman. They end up being tormented by her after she permits them to party in her basement.

55. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

This is another gruesome thriller. The story centers around surgeon Steven Murphy, who mentors awkward adolescent Martin. However, when the Murphys learn that Martin has his own dark motive, things only grow worse for them.

56. House at the End of the Street

The psychological thriller movie House at the End of the Street, which was released in 2012 and was directed by Mark Tonderai, stars Jennifer Lawrence. A teenage girl named Elissa and her recently divorced mother, Sarah, relocate to a new neighborhood where they learn that the house at the end of the block was the scene of a horrific double homicide committed by a thirteen-year-old named Carrie Anne who had vanished without a trace four years earlier. Then, Elissa begins dating Ryan, the older brother of Carrie Anne, who also resides in the same home, but nothing is what it seems.

57. Marrowbone

Sergio G. Sánchez is the writer and director of the 2017 English-language Spanish psychological horror mystery drama film titled Marrowbone. The film is about the titular Marrowbone siblings (MacKay, Heaton, Goth, and Stagg) who move from England to their mother’s ancestral farm in Maine in the movie, where they encounter a spooky presence.

58. Escape Room

The Escape Room is about six contestants from all backgrounds who compete in an escape room to earn a $10,000 prize. When individuals are placed in dreadful situations, things escalate and lead to horrendous experiences.

59. Cam

Cam plays with psychological-horror genre cliches as well as darker philosophical issues, and it is both incredibly disturbing and invigorating to see the dull realities of a cam-existence girl from a clear-eyed perspective. 

60. Friend Request

Friend Request is a 2016 psychological thriller released and available on Netflix. Student Marina kills herself after being humiliated by Laura and her classmates. After accepting a friend request on Facebook, Laura’s pals begin passing away one by one.

61. Vacancy

In the movie Vacancy, a couple who are stuck in a remote motel discovers that their room has multiple video cameras installed. They understand that if they don’t leave, they’ll end up being the next snuff film victims.

62. The Wailing

Na Hong-jin is the writer and director of the 2016 South Korean horror film The Wailing. The main lead is a police officer who, in an effort to save his daughter, looks into a string of unexplained illnesses and killings in the far-flung Korean village of Gokseong. This film was a box office and critical hit. 

63. Disturbia

American neo-noir psychological thriller Disturbia was released in 2007. In the movie, a teenager on house arrest for attacking a teacher starts watching his neighbors because he thinks one of them is a serial murderer.

64. The Night

Kourosh Ahari makes his directorial debut with the 2020 psychological horror thriller The Night. Iran and the United States collaborated in their production. An Iranian couple who reside in the United States and are being held captive in a Los Angeles hotel is the focus of the movie.

65. I am Thinking of Ending Things

The psychedelic, surrealist thriller I’m Thinking of Ending Things is an American production from 2020. It is an adaption of Iain Reid’s 2016 book of the same name. The story follows a young woman (Jessie Buckley) who travels to meet her boyfriend’s parents (Toni Collette and David Thewlis) with her boyfriend (Jesse Plemons); throughout the movie, the main narrative is cut with shots of a janitor (Guy Boyd) heading to work, and by the third act, both stories intersect.

66. Doctor Sleep

The follow-up to his 1977 horror book ‘The Shining,’ Doctor Sleep is a 2013 adaptation by American author Stephen King. Danny Torrance discovers a young girl who is sharing his shine skill as he fights to move past his traumatic past. He sets out on a mission to defend her from the vengeful True Knot.

67. Repulsion

It may be a little telling that a revered movie about a woman’s fear of unwanted male desire was directed by Roman Polanski, who has been accused of sexual assault himself, but this movie with Catherine Deneuve is regarded as one of the best depictions of paranoia on screen.

68. Rosemary’s Baby

Based on Ira Levin’s 1967 novel of the same name, Roman Polanski wrote and directed the 1968 American psychological horror movie titled Rosemary’s Baby. In the movie, Mia Farrow plays a young (and soon-to-be pregnant) Manhattan-based wife who develops suspicions about her elderly neighbors after learning that they may be members of a Satanic cult who are grooming her in order to exploit her unborn child in their rituals.

69. Berlin Syndrome

Based on Melanie Joosten’s 2012 novel of the same name, Berlin Syndrome is a 2017 psychological horror thriller film that Cate Shortland directed from a script by Shaun Grant. In the movie, Teresa Palmer plays a young Australian photojournalist who visits Germany and meets a charming young English instructor (Max Riemelt). After a wild night of passion with him, the photographer wakes up to find that her would-be lover has held her captive.

70. Open Water

The plot revolves around an American couple who go scuba diving, only to wind up trapped miles from land in waters rife with sharks after the boat’s crew unintentionally leaves them behind.

71. Fatal Attraction

The 1987 American psychological thriller film Fatal Attraction was helmed by Adrian Lyne. In the movie, which stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer, a married guy has a weekend affair with a lady who won’t let it end and develops an obsession with him.

72. Phantom Lady

Featuring Franchot Tone, Ella Raines, and Alan Curtis, Phantom Lady is an American film noir produced by Robert Siodmak. The story revolves around a young Manhattan secretary who finds herself in riskier situations as she tries to show that her boss did not murder his wife.

73. A Kiss Before Dying

Gerd Oswald made his directing debut with the 1956 American color noir film A Kiss Before Dying, starring Robert Wagner. Wagner portrays a lovely, clever man who will do everything it takes to live his life the way he wants. His issue is a pregnant woman who loves him, played by Woodward in one of her earliest film performances. There are desperate measures that must be taken.

74. Sightless

Based on a 2017 short film of the same name, this is a 2020 American psychological thriller movie that Cooper Karl wrote, produced, and directed. Madelaine Petsch and Alexander Koch are the lead actors. A young lady who has been attacked viciously and become blind must fight back to survive her new environment, where people are not always what they appear.

75. Side Effects

Side Effects is a 2013 psychological thriller starring Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum. Doctor Jonathan Banks prescribes Emily a new drug when her problems don’t go away. The subsequent circumstances not only lead to her husband’s murder but also endanger Jonathan’s future career.

76. Uncut Gems

Josh and Benny Safdie helmed the 2019 American murder thriller Uncut Gems. Adam Sandler, LaKeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, and Eric Bogosian are among the cast members. In order to pay off his debts, Jewish-American jeweler and gambling addict Howard Ratner (Sandler) must collect a pricey gem from New York City’s Diamond District.

77. Red Lights

Written and directed by Rodrigo Cortés, Red Lights is a 2012 Spanish-American supernatural thriller. The story centers on a physicist and a professor of psychology at a university, both of whom are experts in disproving paranormal activity, as they work to discredit a well-known psychic whose most ardent opponent mysteriously passed away 30 years before.

78. Joker

Todd Phillips is the director of the 2019 American psychological thriller movie Joker. Joaquin Phoenix plays the Joker in the DC Comics adaptation, which tells the character’s origin story independently. It is set in 1981 and centers on Arthur Fleck, a failing clown and aspiring stand-up comic who sparks a violent countercultural uprising against the wealthy in a run-down Gotham City as a result of his descent into nihilism and mental instability.

79. Mother!

A 2017 American psychological horror film starring Jennifer Lawrence, Mother! was written and directed by Darren Aronofsky. It centers on a young woman whose peaceful life in their rural house with her husband is upended by the appearance of an enigmatic pair.

80. Us

Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker star in Jordan Peele’s 2019 American psychological horror film Us. Adelaide Wilson (Nyong’o) and her family are ambushed by a gang of threatening doppelgängers in the movie which follows them.

81. Zodiac

American mystery-thriller Zodiac was released in 2007 and was directed by David Fincher. The movie chronicles the hunt for a serial killer known as the Zodiac Killer, who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area during the late 1960s and early 1970s while sending letters and clothes covered in blood and cryptic messages to publications to tease investigators.

82. Shadow of a Doubt

A 1943 American psychological suspense thriller starring Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Charlotte, the protagonist of the tale, is overwhelmed to welcome her beloved Uncle Charlie to her home. She discovers, however, that he is a serial killer upon his arrival, and she must now prevent him from killing any more victims.

83. Seven

David Fincher and Andrew Kevin Walker collaborated on the 1995 American murder thriller Seven. John C. McGinley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Morgan Freeman, and Brad Pitt are the film’s main actors. The story of Seven, which takes place in a lawless, unnamed city, centers on disillusioned detective William Somerset (Freeman), who is close to retiring, and his new partner, recently transferred David Mills (Pitt), as they work to apprehend a serial killer before he can complete a string of killings based on the seven deadly sins.

84. Parasite

Academy Award-winning film Parasite is definitely a must-watch. The impoverished Kim family, who are the focus of the narrative, perceive an opportunity when the son begins working for the affluent Park family. They immediately figure out how to live together as a family and start living parasitic lifestyles.

85. Cold in July

Jim Mickle is the director of the 2014 American indie criminal thriller movie Cold in July. Actor Michael C. Hall portrays a burglar who is killed, and the victim’s father pursues retribution. When Johnson, a private eye, appears, the story is further muddled.

86. The Neon Demon

Nicolas Winding Refn’s psychological horror movie The Neon Demon was released in 2016. The story centers on an aspiring model in Los Angeles whose attractiveness and youth spark strong jealousy and attraction inside the fashion business.

87. Martha Marcy May Marlene

Sean Durkin wrote the screenplay and directed the 2011 American psychological thriller-drama movie Martha Marcy May Marlene. It revolves around a young woman who has delusions and paranoia after leaving a violent cult in the Catskill Mountains and returning to her family.

88. Emergency

Carey Williams is the director of the 2022 American comedy-drama thriller movie Emergency. Three college students uncover an unconscious woman in their apartment after a wild night of partying. They work to get the woman to safety without arousing suspicion out of concern that the police will suspect them of wrongdoing.

89. Rear Window

Rear Window is a 1954 American mystery-thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is based on Cornell Woolrich’s 1942 short story “It Had to Be Murder.” The protagonist of the tale is professional photographer Jeff, who is confined to his apartment as he heals from a broken leg. He starts spying on his neighbors out of boredom and discovers a startling surprise.

90. Hard Candy

In the 2005 American psychological thriller Hard Candy, a young female vigilante who believes a man to be a sexual predator is captured and tortured.

91. The Master

This is a 2012 American psychological drama movie with Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams in the lead roles. It relates the tale of Freddie Quell (Phoenix), a World War II Navy veteran who’s having a hard time fitting into post-war society, and Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman), the founder of the Cause, a religious organization. Dodd recognizes something positive in Quell and welcomes him into the group. Freddie grows fond of the Cause and starts touring with Dodd’s family to disseminate his ideas.

92. Fresh

This is a 2022 American horror thriller film that was directed by Mimi Cave. In this movie, a young woman fighting to withstand her new boyfriend’s peculiar desires witnesses the horrors of contemporary dating.

93. Candyman

Based on the real-life 1987 murder of a lady by an invader who lurked in an unidentified crawl space below her bathroom’s medicine cabinet, Candyman tells the tale of a boogeyman from the Chicago slums. This 90s horror classic dramatized the urban legend of a killer who appears if you repeat his name five times in a row in the mirror.

94. Carrie

Carrie, a 1976 film adaptation of one of Stephen King’s best-known stories, starring Sissy Spacek as a teen who is teased and driven to the brink before realizing she has psychic abilities. Beware of bullies!

95. The Silence of the Lambs

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, is an imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer and previous psychiatrist who must assist a young FBI agent (Jodie Foster) in apprehending another psychopath known as “Buffalo Bill.”

96. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense, a thriller with Bruce Willis that established filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan as a household name, is one of many twisted notions that features a young boy’s ability to “see dead people” as they wander the Earth and stalk its residents.

97. Bunny Lake is Missing

Bunny Lake is Missing, a horror movie about a mother who goes to pick up her kid from school and discovers that she has suddenly vanished, centers on gaslighting and missing children.

98. Audition

Takashi Miike’s Audition is a horrifying and torturous Japanese movie about a widower who auditions for the “role” of his future bride to find a match, only to learn sinister secrets about the unusual woman he has chosen to adore.

99. Nanny

Nanny, which won the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, tells the tale of an illegal Senegalese woman who looks after a wealthy Manhattan family as a nanny. She battles to maintain her career and earn enough money to send her son abroad while tormented by images of African folklore.

100. The Wicker Man

This 1973 horror classic about a missing girl on a remote Scottish island with crazy, fanatical residents culminates with a sight of The Wicker Man, a horrifying effigy kept hidden until the film’s last scene.

These psychological thrillers can potentially twist your mind and leave you all startled. Hold tight to the one sitting next to you while watching these movies, just in case you jump off your seat! And if you’re planning to watch them alone – good luck! 

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