Winter Date Night Looks That Are Easy to Copy

Each day, there are thousands of us who head on first dates. Understandably, your number one concern will be to make the best first impression possible. If you’re heading on a date during the winter months, you’ll want to not only look and feel fabulous in your outfit but stay nice and warm too. After all, it’s not a good look if you stroll into the restaurant shivering!

We’re here to help. If you’re stuck on what outfits are appropriate for the colder weather and a first date, here are some trendy winter looks that are easy to replicate.

Wear Head-to-Toe Black

If you have a first date on the horizon, now is the perfect opportunity to break out that LBO (little black outfit). Dressing in head-to-toe black is a classic, staple look that’s perfect for the winter months. Because black practically goes with everything, you have endless pairing options to choose from. You can team a black dress with a pair of black boots and leather jacket that will leave you looking smart, chic and ready for your date.

Opt for a Mini Skirt

Those who want to show a little skin during a winter first date can do so without the worry of freezing to death! The rule of thumb is to play with proportions. For example, if you want to wear a mini skirt, make sure you’ve got knee-high boots on too. These will keep your feet warm, with the main focus being on your mile-long legs. You can team your mini skirt with a high-neck jumper which will keep you cosy.

Rock a Bold Chunky Jumper and Leather Pants

When temperatures dip, our love for leather pants comes out in force. A great winter first date look is teaming a bold chunky jumper with leather pants. You can add an unexpected touch to this look with a pair of eye-catching gloves. If you’re after a knitwear jumper, Luella have you covered. They are experts when it comes to cashmere jumpers. They also sell brilliant accessories like scarves that you can throw on to complete your look.

Don a Statement Knit Dress

A statement dress for your winter first date is sure to leave them wanting more. A knitwear dress is not only incredibly comfortable to wear, but you’ll also ooze glamour and sophistication too. This is all thanks to that figure-hugging cling. To finish off your outfit, throw on your longest wool coat and a pair of platform Dr. Martens. We promise you’ll look and feel amazing! Just make sure you know your body shape inside out when shopping for a knitwear dress. You’ll want the dress to highlight your figure, rather than have the opposite effect.

Trying to look sexy or cute in below-freezing temperatures can be difficult to pull off. However, that’s not to say it’s impossible! There are plenty of looks you can pull together from your wardrobe that will help boost your confidence while staying nice and warm too.

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