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    Top 20 Amazing Hollywood Thriller Movies To Watch

    You’ve seen many movies, but you’re not sure what you should watch next? You may be acquainted with some genres like romance, family drama, and action. There’s one genre that’s popular among all. Any guesses? Well, that’s horror. Horror movies certainly give a chill down our spine, but thriller movies are something that keeps us on the edge of our…

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  • How Did The US Entered The First World War?

    Great War or World War I was one of the deadliest conflicts in history. This war lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. The war originated in Europe and resulted in the death of seven million civilians. Entry of the US into the war was a very crucial point.  US President Woodrow Wilson, after public opinion, declared US…

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  • History

    Do You Know About This Navy Ship Made Of Steel From The Twin Towers?

    The Historic Navy Ship On 7th November 2009, the World Trade Center commissioned into the U.S. Navy. The USS New York is perhaps the most popular Navy warship to have been ever built. Via – With a length of 684 feet, the USS New York comes with 7.5 tonnes of steel in her bow. However, this is not just…

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  • HistoryHitchhiking

    Are You A Traveller? Read On To Know More About Hitchhiking

    A while ago, when I was on one of my camping trips, I met some people who seemed like avid travelers. As I got to know them further, they told me some really fabulous stories of their travel adventures- how they made their way through a major part of India hitchhiking, commuting, and staying with the locals absolutely free of…

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  • Facts

    This Is Why Raccoons Are Smarter Than You Think!

    How smart is a Raccoon? This is a Raccoon. It is a relatively small animal. But, the moment you throw some of your left-over food- fruits, vegetables, or meat- in your garbage bin, the raccoon will be the first one to finish it in a matter of few minutes! Now, obviously, you will ask: “How can an animal like this…

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