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  • Self Careways to become a better person

    14 Ways To Become A Better Person

    Why would anyone want to become a better person when they are okay with what they are? What does it signify? Everyone has a fatal flaw/inner demons, so they want to be the best version. They strike hard to achieve that.We all are hungry for happiness and success and have innumerable aspirations, but what are they without goodness? We do…

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  • Health and WellnessHealthy Home Habits You Should Develop Right Now

    8 Healthy Home Habits You Should Develop Right Now

    Covid-19 has knocked us off our daily routine, and it doesn’t seem to end soon. And with the increase in mental health issues and other predicaments, it becomes imperative to change the environment to positive feels. But this disapproval of the current situation can be solved with these healthy home habits that will replenish your optimism and positivity. Why is…

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