• HistoryChernobyl Disaster: The 1986 Nuclear Explosion

    Chernobyl Disaster: The 1986 Nuclear Explosion

    The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident in April 1986 near the town of Pripyat within the north of the Ukrainian SSR. This nuclear disaster was a result of negligence by the plant operators; the operators didn’t maintain safety measures within the Soviet sector and the outcome – this hazardous disaster.     Factors That Led To the Explosion The Chernobyl…

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  • History

    Chernobyl Way of Life: Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know About!

    Something happened on  25-26 April 1986, in a small town called Pripyat, 104km from Kiev- the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. A series of uncontrolled nuclear reactions took place in the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant during a late-night security check when safety systems were intentionally set off. It is now, known as the most disastrous nuclear malfunction in history.…

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