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    The Strangest Things People Like To Eat Pica

    When you hear of an eating disorder, you think about conditions with troubled ‘food’ habits. What if I tell you an eating disorder is not about eating food? Pica is a non-food cravings disorder. It comprises of a tenacious consumption of substances other than food for over a month. Also, these items have no nutritional value. Via – ebaumsworld.com PICA:…

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    Did You Know How Disturbed Eating Behaviors Affect You?

    An eating disorder is an illness caused by troubled eating habits. It is ordinarily accompanied by severe distress about body weight, anxiety disorders, substance use, or depression. Eating disorders are serious physical as well as emotional problems and can have life-threatening consequences. Disturbances may comprise of inadequate or excessive food intake, which ultimately promotes damaged well-being. They can evolve at…

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