• Facts

    Attractions in Philadelphia You’ve Got to See

    Every city has a few things that are worth seeing with your own two eyes. Statues, parks, famous buildings – these sorts of things. We call these must-see attractions, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has more than just a few. You see, Philadelphia is full of culturally significant and historic sites. This is the city where the United States Constitution was written…

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  • History

    You Will Be Shocked To Know about The City That Bombed Itself

    More than 3 decades ago, Philadelphia earned the dreaded title, “The City That Bombed Itself”. More than 3 decades ago, the city brought a catastrophic end to its longstanding ‘battle’ with an organisation called MOVE. Gerald Renfrow stands amongst the houses shoddily rebuilt. The residences now lie neglected on the 6200 blocks of Osage Avenue and Pine Street. Renfrow holds…

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