• LifestyleBoundaries To Set For The Holidays

    10 Boundaries To Set For The Holidays

    Maintaining boundaries is very important for a person at times. A person needs to know when and how to put their boundaries, and others should always respect them and should not cross that line no matter how close they are to them. Boundaries during the holidays should be a must as making the most out of it by enjoying it…

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  • LifestyleBasics Hygge Self-Care tips

    10 Basics Hygge Self-Care Tips

    Where there’s a clear mind, there’s a way.  And nobody does it better than the very giddy Danes. Ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, it is not a surprise that Denmark practices indeed a luxury self-care tool. But what is their ‘luxury’ anyway? Well birdies, apart from being equally responsible towards social welfare, quality healthcare and…

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  • LifestyleThings We Can't Control

    25 Things We Can’t Control

    Not everything is in our hands. Sometimes, we should just let things be and simply go with the flow. We should learn to let go of the things that we cannot control and stop overthinking them. 25 Things We Can’t Control 1. How other people treat us We cannot control how other people treat us. It is not in our…

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  • LifestyleWays To Be Confident In Front Of The Camera

    27 Ways To Be Confident In Front Of The Camera

    Making videos is difficult since many people are self-conscious in front of the camera. People’s discomfort with appearing on camera is among the biggest challenges while creating videos. Naturally, you may create all kinds of videos without ever having to reveal your appearance, but if you need to appear on camera, a few straightforward tips will greatly improve your mood.…

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  • LifestyleWays to Live Your Dream Life

    25 Ways to Live Your Dream Life

    If you wish to live your dreams, then you have to give up the habits that are holding you back. Are you really living the life of your dreams? Or are you happy with where you are in your life? If not, what’s holding you back? 25 Ways to Live Your Dream Life 1. Create a Vision Board Visualizing your…

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