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    Lesser-Known Cheese From Around the World

    Cheese has been an artisanal food since 8000 BC and till date, it still remains to be a favorite chow in the world. Apart from the regular kinds like mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, gouda, ricotta, and feta, there is a diverse range of cheeses, which have an impressive shape, texture, taste, and color. From little French and Italian villages to scenic…

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  • Factstypes of cheese

    Types of Cheese Depending on their Ageing.

    Cheese is a very versatile product that has a wide range of textures and flavors with different uses. The texture and variety of cheese can range from soft to firm, smooth/ creamy to curdy, brittle to long, mechanically open to close or from cheese with splits to round eyes. The physical properties of cheese are largely determined by the casein…

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