• FactsAshoka

    The Story Of Ashoka And His 9 Unknown Men Force

    9 Unknown men were the men gathered by Emperor Ashoka, who worked undercover and collected knowledge about various fields worldwide. The story of Ashoka and his 9 Unknown men is to India, as Illuminati is to the Western world. The world is full of wonders and marvels that have never failed to perplex people inexplicably; whether it’s a hidden group…

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  • Factsbanana peels for dental diseases

    Banana Peels: Dental Disease Heroes

    We’ve all eaten bananas – the classic yellow-colored fruit, rich with potassium. It’s simple – you peel the cover and eat what’s inside and throw away the banana peels. But what if someone told you, the peel that you just threw away could someday, help to cure a dental infection? Sounds crazy, right? Well, this article talks about just how…

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